Ready, Set, Lend! Launches Its Secure Crypto Solution at Lendit Fintech USA 2018 Ready, Set, Lend! Launches Its Secure Crypto Solution at Lendit Fintech USA 2018

With hundreds of billions of USD in the crypto market cap, an historic asset-based lending opportunity exists. Nevertheless, only a handful of companies currently accept crypto as collateral for loans. Why? Crypto security concerns and hack attacks are keeping all but the boldest away. Enter FinCryption and its secure SaaS software suite for lenders. Crypto lending: get ready to go mainstream.

A Thriving Ecosystem
The crypto ecosystem is expanding exponentially. Innovative solutions are enabling crypto’s mainstream adoption as a viable system for online and “real-world” payments.

Household names like Overstock, Expedia, Subway, and Intuit are already actively transacting in crypto. Every day another merchant announces acceptance of virtual currency as a payment method for its goods or services.

Fintech v. Hack Attacks
Fintech has played an essential part in the growth and adoption of the crypto ecosystem. Last week, Roger Ver acknowledged the contribution in a tweet: “Software developers far too often underestimate the importance of business developers.”

Developers now are forging new ground in the nascent area of crypto lending. The stakes are high, so the technology must be flawless. Hacks have caused losses in the hundreds of millions in USD, and lenders cannot underwrite the risk without a comprehensive solution.

Enter FinCryption
FinCryption’s universal security solution promises lenders a “New Standard in Crypto Security” and “encompasses the positives from cold, hot, and multi-signature wallet solutions, without the limitations these technologies present.” FinCryption’s white label SaaS solutions can enable any company to safely transact in crypto, including lenders seeking safe entry into the burgeoning crypto asset-based lending market.

iPhone and Android Crypto Lending Apps
FinCryption’s software suite includes white label Android and iPhone apps for lenders, with custom loan terms (rate, term, loan-to-value, etc.). and tailored lending guidelines. Crypto assets are safely stored in wallets secured by FinCryption’s proprietary security technology. FinCryption’s solution can accommodate every coin, wallet, and private key, so lenders can select which crypto they will lend against as collateral.

Primary and Secondary Lending Markets
Loan originators ordinarily use capital and short-term “warehouse” lines of credit to aggregate a volume of loans, and then either securitize or sell their interest in the “package” of loans to a third-party investor. The investor pays the originator the dollar value of the loans plus a premium (the originator’s profit). The investor is then entitled to the remainder of the loan payments. Loan origination is a “primary market” transaction; the aggregation and the sale of the loan packages is a “secondary market transaction”. Without a robust secondary market, lenders would run out of capital to make new loans.

C.A.T.S. in the Crypto
Completing the lending cycle, FinCryption’s SaaS lending suite includes access to its proprietary Crypto Asset Transfer System (C.A.T.S.SM), a secondary marketing platform for crypto loans. C.A.T.S. SM allows lenders to virtually package and transfer ownership of loans to investor members of the FinCryption platform. Loan ownership transfers to the investor after payment receipt has been acknowledged by the originator. The crypto owner is unaffected, as loan terms remain the same; the only change is to the payee entitled to receive the interest payments. at LendIt Fintech USA 2018
On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, FinCryption is demonstrating its SaaS solution at LendIt Fintech USA, the world’s leading event in financial services innovation. LendIt Fintech gathers industry elites to discuss and explore latest trends in the development of international financial technology. Mike Myers, CEO of FinCryption, will explain and demonstrate how FinCryption’s white label SaaS solutions can enable any company to safely transact in crypto, including the burgeoning area of crypto asset-based alternative lending.

The New Standard in Crypto Security
FinCryption affirms its solution is unparalleled in three key areas: Security, Transparency, and Accessibility. “FinCryption’s proprietary security technology locks down any crypto asset, preventing theft or seizure of coins, while simultaneously allowing for safe and secure de-escrowing at any time. FinCryption provides complete transparency, enabling customers to verify coins are secured via a public address. FinCryption’s solution provides formidable accessibility options, giving customers and institutions the ability to react immediately to market conditions, or any other event.”

Buckle your security belts! With ready-to-deploy lending apps combined with a best-in-class, secure back end designed to create market certainty, FinCryption is rapidly catapulting crypto lending into the mainstream!

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