Rahakott Offers Special Features For Business In Its Cryptocurrency Wallet

block.news Rahakott Offers Special Features For Business In Its Cryptocurrency Wallet

Recently launched Rahakott crypto currency wallet offered special feature for its corporate customers. Now multi-user account option is available for business. This way multiple users within one corporate company may have access to the same trading account.

On November 12, 2017, a new project, Rahakott, was launched. Rahakott is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows anyone to send or receive digital currencies and to monitor their balance. The surge in demand for cryptocurrencies drives demand for solutions that are more convenient and simple to implement.

“We promise to keep improving the service, constantly enhancing the integrated features, so that customers will enjoy the process time and again”, comments Akke Svenson, the wallet’s founder.

The newly offered feature will significantly decrease the time spent on transaction processing. The user who runs the master account, called the “administrator,” can designate other role types to other users, including manager, trader or auditor. This way the business owner may distribute the rights between different employees depending on their status.

For example, some of them may manage users and transfer funds without access to API keys or order placement. Others have access limited to data viewing and placing/cancelling orders.

Project Team

Akke Svenson, Rahakott.io cryptocurrency wallet founder.

Entrepreneur, IT specialist, blockchain enthusiast. Graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and Stanford University in the US. He began his career at Ericsson, then worked on developing services for financial companies in Europe. For a few years he served as CTO at a Silicon Valley fintech startup. After that, he returned to Sweden and founded his own company, specializing in IT consulting. He became interested in blockchain in 2013, believing that modern technology will help build new economic relationships in the world.

Maksim Shreyder, Rahakott.io cryptocurrency wallet cofounder.

IT expert. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the University of London. He began his career as a programmer, developed projects in the e-commerce sector, and headed IT departments at Russian and English companies. In 2015 he became interested in cryptocurrencies and mining.

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