RAcoin Raised $10 Million In 2 Days To Upgrade Global Gambling Industry

block.news RAcoin Raised $10 Million In 2 Days To Upgrade Global Gambling Industry

The international company of RA Entertainment Inc. is building a blockchain future of the global gambling industry launching a special utility token powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Due to ERC20 standard the token called RAcoin meets the exclusive needs of both brick’n’mortar and virtual gambling infrastructure. Pretty soon RAcoin will start circulating at the Palau World complex – the grand casino and hotel resort located in the Pacific Ocean. Simultaneously, a number of international online gambling platforms are about to integrate RAcoin into their systems as an alternative payment method.

What’s the Point?

The industry does not avoid innovations but there has always been a missing piece that kept it conservative. Even online gambling was only a minor breakthrough that still lacks transparency, privacy, and security. No matter we’re talking about land-based casinos or internet casinos, ordinary gamers never can be sure that the algorithms function properly. Using blockchain technology operators can remove the weak places. Let’s skip the question whether some of them really want this but generally it could increase the level of safeness and fair gaming across the industry.

Worldwide utilization of cryptocurrencies is another big step towards the new gambling era. However, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies not always can solve specific gambling issues. In a perfect world, there should be a single utility token for global gambling infrastructure. RA Entertainment Inc. accepted the challenge and designed RAcoin to unite standalone playgrounds into an open and close-knit environment. The company strives to create a fundamentally new quality of interaction among gamblers and operators.

Born in Paradise

Adapting blockchain ideas to traditional gambling business RA Entertainment Inc. chose the Palau World complex as a launching pad. It is a deluxe casino and hotel resort that will soon open on Ngerekebesang Hamlet – an island in the state of Koror, Palau. Hidden in the Pacific Ocean, Palau is a small nation of islands located about 500 miles east of Philippinesis. It is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Secluded beaches, tropical views, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, mind-blowing scuba diving, exciting yachting, delicious regional cuisine.

RA Entertainment Inc. wants to offer visitors of Palau World something more and make the rest ultimately splendid and profitable. Pluging RAcoin as an alternative payment method into Palau World eco-system RA Entertainment Inc. provides guests who pay via tokens with superior benefits during their stay. Besides all the privileges of cryptocurrency economy that token holders get by default using RAcoin, they also pay for service or goods at excellent discount rates. And in this, they still can pay via common means of payment. Giving a choice to use RAcoin or not is an elegant decision for the company as it helps people to adapt to the new decentralized technology. Moreover, using tokens, guests can immerse even deeper into the game-driven reality of RAcoin and participate in “operating” jackpot powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Finally, paying via RAcoin, visitors get access to a number of additional services for free. Some of them will be available for token holders only.

The Palau World complex is simply a starting point. RA Entertainment Inc. is going to share advantages of RAcoin with other brick’n’mortar casinos and affiliated hotels that will be interested in collaboration. The business model of RAcoin is a win-win strategy for all sides and actors of the industry. Token users get a smart and transparent loyalty program with a flexible discount system. Positive economic experience forms sustainable consumer habits and people become more familiar with blockchain technology. In turn, it is favorable for business because it stimulates potential customers purchase tokens in advance during pre-sale and main token sale events. It is no secret, stable cash flow helps business to grow and improve. For operators it is a chance to move with the times and provide advanced service, in other words, be more competitive.

Online mission

The statistics show that the online gambling boom continues. Since 2009 to this day the volume of online gambling market has more than doubled. As far as online gambling is relatively new, it has a number of blind spots and challenges which the community and operators try to cover in different ways. The biggest problem of all online gambling processes is the lack of transparency. RA Entertainment Inc. realizes the challenge and presents RAcoin – the first blockchain-based cryptographic token totally designed for needs of global gambling infrastructure.

Even before the grand opening of the Palau World complex, the company will integrate RAcoin into a number of top European gambling services. At the same time, RAcoin will run as an alternative payment method on racasino.pw – online casino developed independently by RA Entertainment Inc. Being optional and existing in parallel to other methods of payment, RAcoin does not cut off the audience that is not ready for blockchain innovation. However, due to low fees on withdrawals RAcoin is much more profitable and convenient in use and can easily attract new-comers.

Token sale terms

In March RA Entertainment Inc. successfully raised $10 million hard cap in 2 days during the pre-sale. The company sold the early adopters about 3,000,000,000 RAC while the max supply of tokens is 20,000,000,000 RAC. This number will stay unchangeable in future. The raised money is used to finalize RAcoin integration into finance system of the Palau World complex and the partners.

The main token sale is just around the corner. It starts on April, 28 and finishes on May, 28. The starting price is 1 ETH per 100 00 RAC but there also be a pleasant discount program for extra loyal token purchasers. The hard cap for the stage is 5,000,000,000 RAC.

All participants of the pre-sale and token sale events automatically take part in the token sale jackpot. There will be three types of awards:

  • Diamond, 100 000 000 RAC, 1 prize winner
  • Platinum, 5 000 000 RAC, 10 prize winners
  • Gold, 500 000 RAC, 100 prize winners

The jackpot will be played out only once, at the end of the token sale stage. It will be powered by RAcoin smart contracts that will guarantee fair and transparent results as well as the randomness of choice. The chance to win is directly proportional to the volume of investment. The more the customer invests in RAcoin the bigger chance is to win the award.


Company name: RA Entertainment Inc.

Company site: https://racoin.io

Company email: support@racoin.io

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