Quoine’s ICO Platform Adds BCH as Funding Currency

Quoine’s ICO Platform Adds BCH as Funding Currency

The Bitcoin Cash community can now use their BCH to take part in ICOs and Private Sales on QUOINE’s ICO platform. The global fintech company already allows token sale participants to use BTC, ETH and QASH. The addition of BCH adds a new layer of flexibility to participation in the token sales presented by QUOINE.

ICO Mission Control is a safe and secure platform that sits within QUOINE’s QRYPTOS exchange. ICO participants need only sign up and KYC once in order to access the token sales. The ICO Mission Control platform all but eliminates common risks associated with ICOs, such as hacks, scams, phishing and data leaks.

“ICO Mission Control is about bringing ICOs back to the people. The ICO space has been broken for too long. Not only is it extremely complicated and laborious to take part in an ICO, let alone several, but it’s also incredibly risky as scammers lurk around every corner. We do extreme levels of due diligence for all the projects we list on the QUOINE ICO platform and we aim to bring our customers a steady stream of high quality projects,” said QUOINE Head of Operations Seth Melamed.

“When we add a new funding currency, we’re extending an invitation to that community because we want as many people as possible to be able to take part in not just ICOs, but also private sales, on our dedicated platform. With ICO Mission Control we have created a new utility for BCH and opportunities for BCH holders to spend their tokens.”

ICO Mission Control is an end-to-end solution for blockchain projects conducting an ICO with QUOINE. With ICO Mission Control, QUOINE will handle all administrative ICO tasks including AML/KYC, Private Sale, Public ICO, token distribution, OTC conversion to fiat and secondary market listing. QUOINE can also facilitate introductions to large investment funds interested in investing in the crypto space.

Among highlighted projects listed on QUOINE’s ICO platform so far are Vanywhere and FanChain, both of which can be bought using BCH.

Vanywhere is a blockchain-based, skill sharing platform that instantly connects people seeking and offering skills through live, 1-on-1 video, voice and chat. Vanywhere empowers anyone with a marketable skill to capitalize on their knowledge and provide services for which they earn VANY tokens by the minute.

FanChain is a token aimed at sports lovers. The FanChain token is a hybrid fungible/non-fungible cryptocurrency that rewards you for doing what sports fans do best: talking about your favorite team.

New users are welcome to sign up with QRYPTOS and complete KYC in order to get access to ICOs hosted on QUOINE’s platform.

As the first global cryptocurrency company to be regulated by the Japan Financial Services Agency, QUOINE upholds rigorous standards when it comes to security of digital assets and protection of customer data.

This year, QUOINE’s QRYPTOS and QUOINEX exchanges will merge to become LIQUID, an all-new, immersive cryptocurrency platform that will offer top security, enhanced liquidity and multiple fiat pairings, as well as regular quality token sales.

Interested in hosting an ICO with QUOINE or just want some more information? Email listings@quoine.com


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