Postar – Public Chain Transaction Platform

Postar – Public Chain Transaction Platform

Recently, Postar, the world’s first public chain eco-transaction platform,has attracted the attention at home and abroad. However, emerging in the bear market, Postar faces many challenges and doubts. Today, we will be using a simple language to expound this platform at multi-levels.

At present, projects are difficult to keep from intermingling the good and the bad due to the different attitudes of the national regulatory bills on crypto assets. Investors are hard to be safeguard. Therefore, the legality of the project has always been one of the concerns of investors.

Postar is currently applying for a license with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Under the guidance of Singapore’s national strategy, Postar develops a brand new public chain eco-transaction model by using the blockchain as the core technology and trading platform as the carrier. It will be building a regular trading platform by basing itself within Singapore and facing the outside world, relying on its prior talent management experience and the advanced trading system.

Postar has a strong and solid team. Its core members mostly come from world famous companies such as Apple, Alibaba, KPMG and well-known blockchain venture capital firms.

Roy Zhang, Postar CEO, is expert on customer relationship and account security. He is former senior consultant of App Store and anti-fraud management team in Apple Greater China and early investor and observer of the blockchain in Southeast Asia

Tony Yang is a the CMO of Postar, who was a former chief team manager of Greater China of Apple, the director of anti-fraud team of iTunes Store, the founder of BITSG Block Chain Service which is the first block chain service company in Southeast Asia, and the initiator of the BitShares community in Singapore.

Jack Zhang, Postar CTO, graduated from Oxford Brookes University with 6 years experience in Internet and blockchain development. He has led a highly skilled development service team to successfully develop a number of large-scale website projects.

Ronny Doe a key engineer in Postar and he has worked in Alibaba, where he was one of the main developers of AliExpress, who’s also an expert in the field of block chain content storage and copyright protection.

Sky Qiu is the Executive Consultant of Postar, and he was the Senior Auditor as well as the Chartered Financial Consultant of KPMG, with rich experience in legal affairs and risk management.

Patrick Mei, Postar Chinese community leader, worked in QuarkChain as community manager with five years of investment experience; Blockchain self-media writer; Founder of Chief Capital; Early investor in multiple high-quality blockchain projects

This group of elites, from different fields, gather together to build Postar a first-class trading platform driving the development of the block chain with sound advanced technology and firm belief.

Currently, traditional trading platform is chaotic. Public chains also face bottleneck. Postar is positioned in the global first trading platform of public chain ecology and in addition to providing users with basic services such as coin-to-coin trading and futures contracts, the public chain ecology is another highlight. With cooperation and opening, Postar selects online high-quality public chains, takes its original currency as the value-anchored ecological trading area, in order to promote its ecological development and meet more trading needs of investors, thus letting investors to give it real market value. The establishment of the Institute aims to break the current vicious competition and isolation of the public chains in the blockchain world, and embrace the development of the public chain ecosystem with an open and win-win attitude. Through the cooperation between the public chains and technology complementation, Institute focuses on accelerating the application of blockchain technology and promoting the development process of blockchain technology in all fields.

We are well aware that the success of a blockchain project is heavily dependent on their community support. Postar introduces innovative model called “PoS mining dividend”. PSTR dividend and mining awards will be rewarded to token holders. There exist many excellent exchanges in the market. The emergence of Postar is a great change from model to system. It is always committed to promoting the development of the public chain ecology and digital asset trading market while returning profits to investors and the market. The return of power to the community and ultimately integrated with the community has also contributed to an important step in the exchange’s transformation.

We firmly believe that Postar, a new rising star in the digital trading platform, will surely bring us great surprise in the near future!

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