PodOne Audit Receives 5/5 Rating by John McAfee Audit Firm, Is Out to Transform Call Center Industry

block.news PodOne Audit Receives 5/5 Rating by John McAfee Audit Firm, Is Out to Transform Call Center Industry

A recent audit of PodOne by John McAfee’s auditing firm concludes: “The verdict: PodOne is a shining example of a trustworthy ICO. The revolutionary technology PodOne has to offer is set to completely change the way the call center and customer support industries think about human resources. With that being said, the ROI on their Qubicle (QBE) token is expected to be substantial.”

The company also received an overall score of 5 out of 5. Per the audit’s summary report, “PodOne has received a Crypto Connection Trust Score of 5. This is the highest ranking an ICO can receive and is only given to a few exceptional projects”. The full audit report can be found here.

PodOne is launching the next global phase in call and contact center services, bringing together employers and agents through its decentralized network while optimizing staff time, reducing labor costs and elevating a new standard in training. Its ICO started on January 15th, 2018 to raise funds for the development of their product roadmap.

Additionally, the company recently announced the addition of Rob Duncan to its team of advisors. Rob is the former COO of successful work-at-home call center pioneer Alpine Access. At Alpine Access, he oversaw their operations until it was acquired by Sykes Interactive, a $1.2B contact center business process outsourcer, for $150M and was rebranded to Sykes Home.

PodOne comes from the creators of Fenero, a well-known provider of contact center software with over 2,200+ call and contact centers using the platform in over 20 countries.

“Call centers have earned a mixed reputation through hit-or-miss customer service and poor quality standards,” says Marlon Williams, Founder and CEO of PodOne and Fenero. “With PodOne, we are on a mission to change this narrative by changing the way the industry works, in the first decentralized network of contact center professionals, with requisite substantive training and by introducing incentives for top-graded customer service representatives.”

Mr. Williams also stated, “With global online sales on a steady upward projection, it is now more critical than ever to have high, consistent standards of customer service through contact centers. Brands need to assure their customers that they can rely on the sales and after-sales call center service.”

As reported previously, the Miami, FL based company also officially filed for a U.S. patent in November 2017 to cover their method for using blockchain-based technology to handle employer-to-agent work requests, pooling excess time in a marketplace, and elastic staffing of human resources.

An Ethereum-based token, Qubicle (pronounced “cubicle”), will be issued during the ICO to serve as an incentive and rewards program for high performing customer service agents and is also the only method of transacting on the network. Publishing content, participating in PodOne University, and facilitating payment for services will all be completed via the QBE tokens in users’ PodOne Wallet. In general, 100,000,000 QBE tokens will be created, with 70% being available during the token sale (January 15th, 2018 to February 15th, 2018).

The team behind PodOne has spent the last 15+ years in the contact center technology industry and brings a built-in demand for PodOne services from its existing customer base. Their token distribution event offers attractive discounted token prices and provides an outstanding investment opportunity for contact center professionals and cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts alike. Visit a website to join today!

Company name: PodOne

Company site: https://podone.io

Email: info@podone.io

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