Play2Live Will Host and Broadcast Worldwide the First Esports Tournament with Crypto Prize Pool Play2Live Will Host and Broadcast Worldwide the First Esports Tournament with Crypto Prize Pool

Play2Live (P2L), the first full-blown blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and esports fans, will host the world’s first esport tournament with crypto prize pool. The tournament will take place in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, and will be broadcasted by P2L worldwide in seven languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

The tournament in CS:GO will be held on February 24-25, 2018, on Falcon Arena, where 8 international top teams (7 invited and 1 from the open qualifiers beginning soon) will compete for the main prize – $100,000 in LUC (Level Up Coin) tokens. Play2Live invites all the esports and crypto enthusiasts to watch the tournament in Minsk and meet their favorite teams. The event is scheduled to the release of the 2.0 version of MVP.

“As announced earlier this year, we are excited to bring updates to the existing MVP, including highly anticipated user streaming. We encourage all gamers and esport fans to become P2L early adopters to test the new ecosystem and high Internet speed delivered by peer-to-peer CDN technology. And we are even more excited to host the world’s first ever esport tournament with crypto prize: an event, that will become a milestone in further integration of the blockchain technology into gaming industry”, comments Alexey Burdyko, CEO and Founder at Play2Live.

Founded in 2017, Play2Live aims to merge blockchain technology with streaming services. Its mission is to create an ecosystem where every participant — the viewer, the streamer, and the esports tournament organizer — is part of a seamless system that favors interaction among viewers and the diversity of monetization schemes. Essentially, everybody can be part of the peer-to-peer interaction, and everybody — even the viewer  — is able to earn money. Play2Live uses a token called Level Up Coin (LUC) which acts as a sole internal currency within the system. It can be easily converted to other cryptocurrencies or to fiat money through a gateway/API.

Play2live offers 15 sources of revenue, which is three times more compared to the streaming industry leaders. Streamers will be able to monetize their content in 11 ways versus 4-5 available on existing platforms. They can earn from the first stream, regardless their audience size, as well as boost their audience via interactive tasks during the streams, betting service, enhanced chat communication and other engaging activities! Viewers will have 5 monetization tools – compared to zero elsewhere in streaming industry. They can earn by simply watching adverts (P2L is ads-free by default), performing streamers’ tasks, voting for content, and sharing their internet bandwidth via peer-to-peer CDN.

During broadcast of the forthcoming tournament in Minsk on P2L viewers will have an opportunity to bet with LUC tokens on their favorite team before the start of the match, being able to compete against opponents of their team. The mechanism for betting is also linked to the time of placement of live bets on actions during the match (for example which team made the first FirstBlood or Headshot).

The public pre-sale for the LUC token started on January 26 and lasts until February 5. The token sale event begins on February 12 and ends on March 5. For more information, visit the site or follow Play2Live on various cryptocurrency-oriented media sources.

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