Play2Live – The Next Generation Streaming Platform for Gamers and eSport Fans Play2Live – The Next Generation Streaming Platform for Gamers and eSport Fans

Watching and making game streams has become more than just a hobby – for many, it has become a way of life. As of recently, game streaming and eSports have surpassed both movies and many professional sports in terms of worldwide viewership.

However, traditional game streaming platforms do not offer their streamers and audience members adequate earning potential. Additionally, no platform on the market today offers any kind of satisfactory mechanism for interaction between streamers and viewers.

Enter Play2Live

Play2Live is the first decentralized streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans. Utilizing the Level Up Coin (LUC) and Level Up Chain, P2L offers a new level of interaction between game streamers and viewers. In doing so, it allows both audience members and streamers to earn money and have fun!P2L offers EXCLUSIVE possibilities to earn tokens for viewers.

The current state of the industry

Game streaming is big business. As of 2017 there are 148 million eSport fans worldwide, and streaming sites like Twitch, Youtube Gaming, and Huya are building a multi-billion-dollar industry. The total market share is 4.6 billion.

Streaming site Twitch came onto the market in 2011 and now has more than 80% market share.  Youtube Gaming came onto the market around three years ago in different parts of the world. Given Youtube’s resources, as one of the biggest companies in the world, its gaming platform should have taken up 30-50% of market share right away – after all, it had a lot of experience launching impressive projects. But for the first two years, the share that Youtube Gaming occupied of the market was not substantial.

It has only been in the last year that that Youtube Gaming has been able to receive top eSport content from ESL and other tournament organizers, and work has started to get more in touch with the community.

Also, a big bet was made on the standard mechanics of Youtube’s system of interaction with its content producers. Successful game vloggers could not create a critical mass for LIVE users. Twitch continued to dominate.

Even the notable attempts of Azubu and failed on the market. This is because of the frankly weak product inadequate funding. Along with this, for a long time, the general function and the very essence of the product – the game streaming platform – stagnated in a number of ways.

Judge for yourself – for 5 years already, the main functionality of this kind of platform has been to stream games. You can chat and give donations, but the overall ability of users – the streamers and the audience – to interact is minimal. Yes, in terms of numbers Twitch and Youtube Gaming are growing, but this is only superficial growth.

We at Play2Live, have identified several fundamental problems in the current state of the game streaming industry, as well as things that require attention:

  1. Users expect a wide range of interaction and personalization options – Current platforms don’t provide this.
  2. Streamers expect to start making money just after they register onto the system – and top platforms don’t give them this ability.
  3. Streamers wish to have more tools to better monetize their streams in more ways than are offered by current platforms. Streaming sites today let streamers earn from advertisements, however many users use adBlock, and currently streamers’ profits are unfortunately diminished – they need more options.
  4. Users are frustrated with too much – and too persistent – of advertising and  try to avoid it at any cost – thus, it’s time for a new solution allowing them to choose how they watch advertising.
  5. Gamers want to be able to have an influence on the scenario of the broadcast and to construct the content that is on the platform.
  6. All participants of the system demand solution which would better regulate peer-to-peer relationships, especially commercial ones. The platforms should only be service providers.

Play2Live has solved the majority of these questions, and is bringing to the fore a number of groundbreaking solutions with the integration of blockchain technology. In particular, this is thanks to the specially-designed Level Up Chain – built for gamers and eSport projects. The Level Up Chain will emit the Level Up Token – the future standard for gaming tokens, worldwide.

One of the most exciting things might be that now the audience can earn money by watching game streams and doing what they love!

Thanks to peer 2 peer CDN technology, when a viewer transmits a stream, he begins to passively earn money in exchange saving the P2L service’s money on CDN payment. At the same time, the viewer does not have to perform complex calculations – like in the case of mining – and does not load computer resources. He can do this even from his phone! For this, he earns LUC tokens.

A part of the platform will be the lack of advertisements. However, if the viewer wants to support his favorite streamer, he can activate them. He and his favorite player will both earn tokens just because of his watching of ads. The streamer can regulate the number of tokens rewarded for advertisement viewership. It will act as a kind of customizable promotion for the streamer, and earn everyone money.

There are lots of other earning opportunities on the platform: Voting for streams, completing tasks, and many more!

Play2Live is set to establish itself as THE game streaming platform of the new crypto-economy.

  • The viewer can watch streams and earn LUC by sharing its internet channel via P2P CDN service. Without high-loading their devices.
  • The viewers can enable advertising and support the streamer by watching it and also earn a token reward for that. Streamers decide on the proportion of LUC received by the, and the users.
  • Being active users of the platform, viewers are encouraged by a greater amount of earned LUC. Amateur streamers receive ready-made mechanisms for promotion and marketing.
  • The embedded system of content crowdfunding allows users to generate from scratch the content they want to watch. The tickets sold for these events open up exclusive opportunities for the users.
  • Game publishers can sell their games on the platform and directly interact with a streamer offering proposals for content promotion. The transparency of interaction is ensured by the blockchain.
  • The viewer can influence the stream directly using a unique system of tasks, featuring a streamer and a viewer. The users can determine the scenario of a stream and become participants of the show!

Play2Live is the brainchild of Alexey Burdyko, founder of Game Show media, one of the largest eSport companies in Russia, Eastern Europe, and the CIS. Burdyko describes the entire Play2Live project as such:

“Based upon blockchain technology, Play2Live introduces a unique mixture of interactive features and monetizing tools, which are currently unavailable on existing streaming platforms. The further development of Play2Live’s Level Up Chain will allow us to create the ultimate end-to-end solution for streamers, gamers and eSports fans. We will cover all their needs, and also providing the key advantages of blockchain technology such as speed, transparency, security and availability.”

The Pre-sale for the LUC token will start on November 20th, and go until November 26th. The token sale will begin December 4th and end December 10th.

Your chance to get in early on the project starts soon! For more information visit a website, or follow us on various bitcoin-oriented media sources.

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