Parsec Frontiers Opens Doors to New Galaxies with Its ICO Parsec Frontiers Opens Doors to New Galaxies with Its ICO

The popularity of massive multiplayer online games and virtual worlds has grown tremendously during the last 20 years, and some of the largest services have seen tens of millions of users. Now you have the opportunity to take part in the creation of the exciting blockchain universe that opens new galaxies for you.

Last Tuesday, the first Nordic blockchain game ICO commenced following on from a successful pre-sale earlier this year.

The Parsec Credit token will be used in the game making it the core of the economy. It can also be exchanged for Ethereum. And as the players accumulate wealth in-game, they also accumulate real world money. The developers aim to get Parsec tokens on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible and make it a liquid currency not just in the game, but also in the real world.

Blockchain and Game
Parsec Frontiers is regarded as one of the most exciting blockchain games in development, as it’s one of the first full games that deploys blockchain technology at the core of it’s virtual economy.

Just recently Parsec Foundation and Artplant opened the auction for the first spaceships to be available in its game. The ARK-class ships is a limited edition available to the first 100 players, beginning with an auction that started on May, 15.

“It’s a very natural step for a game like this to embrace blockchain technology to empower the virtual economy driving the game.” says Henning Rokling, the founder of the Parsec Foundation and COO in Norwegian game developer Artplant. “Not only will it give players full transparency of what assets, ships and resources are available and tradable, but it will also allow players to invest time or money into a game and also bring those investments out of the game if they want to.”

Largest NEO Based MMO
Early in May, Parsec Frontiers developers also made the key decision choosing Neo customized networks instead of EOS.IO.

It was a well-considered choice, as Neo has very advanced smart contracts which support several mainstream languages including C# and Java, which will be used by players along with the diagram-based solution they’re considering implementing. Parsec Frontiers is by far the largest game to choose NEO.
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About Parsec Frontiers
A rich and immersive space MMO with focus on trading, exploring and populating the galaxy in the years after Earth has been rendered uninhabitable by our own actions. With the virtual economy in the game backed by blockchain technology «Parsec Frontiers» adds a completely new element to such games, allowing players to trade and make a profit even before the game launches. The full game is set to launch in December 2019.

About Artplant
Artplant a Norwegian online game developer founded by Funcom and Innerloop veterans in 2001. It focuses on creating competitive player-versus-player games and made its name developing the «Battlestar Galactica Online» game, and later the popular «Block N Load» on Steam. Is currently working on two major games, the blockchain-based space MMO «Parsec Frontiers» and the tactical shooter «Project I.G.I.». The company has studios in Oslo, Norway, and Tver, Russia.

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