Optherium Launches a Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure

Optherium Launches a Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure

Traditional fiat institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges alike have been troubled by theft, slow transaction speeds and data security. For crypto holders, a lack of asset usability with existing solutions has caused widespread annoyance and kept potential adopters away.

Enter Optherium, a global fintech company and member of the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger, and the Crypto Valley association. Optherium’s MultiDecentralized Private Blockchain Network allows both fiat and crypto users fast asset conversions and secure storage. The mission of the Ecosystem is to bridge the traditional and digital economies by providing the most secure, fastest and most accessible B2B and B2C service.

The Optherium Ecosystem aspires to become a global financial blockchain infrastructure, with mass adoption by Fortune 500 enterprises. It’s modular Ecosystem allows for adapting by any company on the globe. Clients can use the ecosystem as a ready made platform, or they can purchase services under a white labelled agreement that allows features to be tailored, adapted and scaled to specific user needs.

Financial institutions also have the option of relocating company data into the Optherium ecosystem to increase the security, speed and efficiency of operations. User data and information is protected through the private blockchain’s ability to encrypt and decrypt on a distributed ledger in seconds. By complying with anti-money laundering protocols and verifying investors through KYC procedures, Optherium also ensures and prioritizes user identity and legitimacy.


● Holds eWallet and Exchange licenses;
● Has a working, downloadable ewallet VivusPay: available on Android and iOS. The application is capable of holding assets and processing crypto-fiat, fiat-crypto, and crypto-crypto transactions at speeds of 100,000+ transactions per second;
● Is in the process of receiving an electronic money institution license and foreign exchange licence;
● Plans to issue a physical debit card to all users that will allow them to convert crypto to fiat and withdraw funds from any ATM in the world.

The Optherium Ecosystem is based on the MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network™. Information, whether it be personal data, biometric information or passwords, is segmented, individually encrypted and put on separate private blockchains. A hacker looking to steal a user’s data would have to break into all blockchains and decrypt each piece of data to get the whole picture, which is nigh on impossible.

The MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network is also the driving force behind Optherium’s speed. The network combines nodes into channels and then layers those channels together to produce transactions that occur at starting speeds of 100,000 transactions per second (TPS). This is the fastest speed to date for any financial institution, and more than 66 times faster than Optherium’s nearest blockchain competitor, Ripple.

Unlike financial institutions that decrease in speed due to an increased number of users, an increase in Optherium users means a greater quantity of nodes and thus quicker transactions. Every new user heightens efficiency, speed and security within the Ecosystem.
Most importantly, the Optherium platform is already available for public use.

Optherium’s Key Recovery Service (KRS) takes security to the next level. KRS is a data recovery service stored within the Ecosystem. Data recovery is possible due to a spare key contained in cold storage. For imaginative purposes, think of a vault in the Swiss Alps, guarded by the military; user data is subject to the highest degree of protection. KRS is capable of recovering assets such as Fiat and crypto funds, or digital data: video, photos, and texts. As a result, round the clock impenetrability is assured.

Optherium was developed by Serge Beck, an entrepreneur with a programming background who worked on Wall Street for over 10 years, for big names such as HSBC, Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns. While developing and implementing products for these institutions, he witnessed first-hand the absence of efficient services that could meet the full scope of customers needs while still prioritizing user security. Unfortunately traditional banks are still centralized repositories of information. Despite their levels of security and encryption, our digital age increases the likelihood that a centralized database can in fact be hacked. Consumers may unintentionally add to risks of identity and asset hacks by accessing risky third party websites, losing their cards or by falling prey to theft. Serge became committed to the idea of speedy global transfers, short signature wait times, geographic location, or high transaction fees.

To remedy these concerns, Serge Beck teamed up with Roman Kaganov, a blockchain expert and crypto trading platform creator who has worked with Russia’s two biggest banks, Sberbank and Gazprombank. Together they created the Optherium Ecosystem. Exchanging or sending fiat and cryptocurrencies is all done within the Optherium Ecosystem, eliminating the need for third parties. Through it’s BitCrox exchange that uses the in-house OPEX token as an intermediary, Optherium can facilitate a conversion of any size. Verification and conversion is instant, while fees are much lower than traditional providers of such services. As an example, a wire transfer (excluding currency conversion fees) costs an average of $45 in the US.

While the MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network is the first step towards next generation security, Dynamic Biometrics™ is the second. Optherium’s patented technology requires users to go through multi-factor authorisation to access any information within the Ecosystem. Banks claim they are tackling the growing risk of fraud with regular biometrics, but already we can see its flaws. Earlier in the year Samsung’s supposedly “secure” iris scanner was fooled by a high resolution 3D printer. Optherium’s use of Dynamic Biometrics raises the bar. Users have the option of uploading a biometric template that includes dynamic facial movement. The technology not only captures a person’s facial features, but encrypts the idiosyncrasies of their minute movements, which can’t be copied. With Dynamic Biometrics, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your password, your face is the key to all sensitive information.

Dynamic Biometrics is the gateway to another feature that puts Optherium ahead of its competitors: Key Recovery Service. KRS allows any user of the Ecosystem to retrieve their private key and subsequently their digital assets, no matter where they are on the globe. Optherium keeps a copy of your private key in cold storage, on multiple air gapped computers. Air gapping is so secure, it is used by governments and militaries around the world. If a key is lost, forgotten, or stolen, secure multi-factor authorisation, including biometric identification, allows Opherium to retrieve this key from cold storage and make a copy. Any user who requests the KRS can get back into their account almost instantly.

With a product that has every chance of changing global finance for the better, what is Optherium doing to communicate with a global audience? In the last year the team has invested $3 million to create VivusPay, a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which is currently on the market. VivusPay is capable of holding, transferring and exchanging fiat and cryptocurrencies globally. VivusPay gives you the chance to look at KRS and other features of the Optherium Ecosystem first hand. Furthermore, Optherium’s Whitelist sale has been open to the public since the start of October: investors can pick up discounted OPEX tokens or explore node licensure.

Optherium’s professional team enthusiastically manages new developments to advance the Ecosystem and its products. Growing in all areas of the business, Optherium Labs has continued to expand and showcase efficiency. The company’s global outreach can be seen through numerous presentations, conference presence and strong national investor relations. Notable members include: CIO Vadim Ivanenko, the investor relations expert, and CFO Bunty Agarwal, the finance and commodities specialist.

Optherium has also:

● Signed a contract with CoinBene, the top crypto exchange market in Asia with over 1 million users, who will promote the VivusPay application and list Optherium’s OPEX token on their exchange;
● Received certification for Facebook and Google advertising. As these platforms typically ban all ICO/ Blockchain related adverts, this is a huge achievement and shows Facebook and Google trust in the legitimacy of Optherium’s product;
● Become a member of Linux, Hyperledger and the Crypto Valley Association, alongside Google, IBM, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Cardano and Deloitte.

Optherium’s next step is to increase scale with its own business incubator that can carefully provide selected startups with an API to the Optherium Ecosystem. Startups will be able to create new, useful and reliable products based on the functionality of the entire Optherium network. Each new technology or product created within the Ecosystem will complement and strengthen the entire blockchain network.

In an increasingly global world, Optherium’s modular Ecosystem is ready to provide services for all individuals and corporations. With increased exposure, the project is picking up pace and gaining the recognition it deserves. Serge Beck, the CEO of Optherium, believes that the Ecosystem is five years ahead of its competitors. With the pending release of the trading platform, OTC Desk, consolidation of the traditional and digital finance spheres seems closer than ever before. Optherium invites you to play a vital role in their journey by directly participating in the Whitelist Sale today. To stay on top of all of the newest developments, visit Optherium’s Telegram channel. Welcome to the new blockchain standard.

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