OpenLedger Launches Rebranding

OpenLedger Launches Rebranding

OpenLedger ApS, a company behind OpenLedger DEX and a blockchain solutions vendor, announced the launch of the company’s rebranding.

Why rebrand OpenLedger

The former OpenLedger design and numerous online assets became unfit for the reshaped company image, as well as the evolving products and services it is offering. That is why, the OpenLedger team initiated the process of rebranding, which covered virtually every part of its online presence.

The rebranding results are intended to show that OpenLedger has grown, evolved, added to its expertise and skills, and is now a trusted, innovative, seasoned company with its focus on blockchain technologies.

“While, surely, the updated visuals are influencing the perception of the brand, it’s not just the looks we’re renovating for OpenLedger. It is also a process of making our products and resources more convenient for OpenLedger users. Behind the scenes, our technical team is working on the new DEX features as well, ” Mihail Romanovsky, OpenLedger’s CMO, explained.

This summer, the team launched a new website to support the OpenLedger trading platform.

Besides the information about the OL DEX, received a resource with news and extensive articles to provide users with the freshest insights about the crypto world.

The company employed its UX and design team to improve the interface of the OpenLedger trading platform. Some of the improvements have been already introduced to the users, while others are in development with plans to be released in 2018.

The OpenLedger ultimate goal is to refurbish the OL DEX interface to make it 100% in season. Also, the company’s striving to ensure that the users’ workflow is smooth and to provide the best trading experience possible. To achieve that, among other things, the R&D department collected and closely studied the OpenLedger users’ feedback.

Right now, OpenLedger team is working on updating the website. Here are the plans for this entity:

Revamping the site’s content and visuals to tell the audience about OL products, services, and projects in detail
Creating an insights platform with news, articles, and interviews to provide the audience with the latest expert information about the blockchain world

Throughout 2018, OpenLedger will be carrying out the above-mentioned rebranding activities to gradually improve the users’ experience and to contribute to the global blockchain and crypto landscape.

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