Set to Provide Users With a Full-Privacy Internet Experience Through Blockchain Technology Set to Provide Users With a Full-Privacy Internet Experience Through Blockchain Technology

The internet is full of people and organizations that are willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve their purposes. This includes pushing ads to users, bad softwares to achieve nefarious goals and general intrusion into people’s everyday browsing activity to learn behavior and preferences beneficial to the company collecting the information.

People are constantly being bombarded with ads, annoying pop ups, a few seconds of video advertisement during streaming, or just too many flashing banners. Spam and illegal softwares that take control of user’s systems are abundant. Governments, ISPs and major websites are always tracking, collecting personal data such as web searches, places visited, what websites are opened etc. and intruding on privacy in greater force every day.

Online Safety through Blockchain Technology reinvents the internet experience by ensuring that user privacy is given the highest priority. The platform offers a malware and ad-free internet experience to its users that is secure, safe and untrackable. tackles the three issues via the methods below:

  • Bypassing annoying ads, giving enhanced online experience to users. Web Pages will also load faster without unnecessary clutter eating up the bandwidth.
  • Screening out malicious softwares and adwares so that each file downloaded through the platform is clean and not harmful to user systems.
  • Enhanced protection from online tracking, enabling safer and worry free browsing. Big Brother and Big Data organizations will not be able to track users and gather data on them.

Aside from this, the platform will also be running a voting system, in which users will give ratings based on their experience on visited websites. This will incentivize websites to be more careful about how they treat their users, as a higher rating from visitors and users will lead to more traffic.

Other Features of

The platform is cross-compatible with browsers, as an extension will be all that is needed (apart from registering) to use its services. There will also a mobile application in development. Both the extension and mobile app will consist of a wallet, ad blocker, tracking script blocker and an anti malware.The platform will also offer a marketplace for users to buy products, without the worry of ISPs and governments keeping an eye on them.

The OIO Token will power its economy and system through its Ethereum token, the OIO. There will be only 2.5 billion tokens for the platform economy, with tokens not sold in ICO being burnt to protect OIO value. The pre sale is set to start on 15th June with varying bonuses during the event.

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