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Every single day millions of people travel, exchange currencies and pay the fee for it. There is no currency for people who are traveling a lot – they need to bounce back and forth between currencies, exchanging them in a frequent manner. One, universal and global currency, that could be paid in the same way in France, Canada, China or Great Britain, simply does not exist. Normal currency exchange is money and time consuming, and often difficult or bothersome.

The solution to many problems

eBit Payment is a new and innovative ICO that will solve the problem of high cost of currency exchanges(also known as the spread). It created innovative solutions, that can guarantee users comfort of usage. It will open the possibility to make quick and affordable international bank transfers and quick purchases with payment cards, that can be managed with the use of Android or IOS phone. That is the scale of services, that couldn’t be found even in the traditional banking. From now on, thanks to the ICO capital, those capabilities will be available also for average users.

Why eBit Payment?

At the time you are reading this article eBit Payment Team is already testing the closed beta version of the App. It is still incomplete and needs a lot of work for it to be finished, but the Team itself is slowly proceeding to reach that goal of currency exchange bliss.
The Team itself is composed of many specialists and people with a dream they intend to fulfill with all their might. People that worked in Bank of Austria and LIBERTY GLOBAL, specialists with the experience necessary to proceed with eBit Payment ICO. Dreams aren’t the only thing we have. We have solid basics to stand on our own and first contracts signed with cryptocurrency mines like for example BIT.NXT INTERNATIONAL LLC.

Token Sale

After many months of growth and planning, eBit Payment has finally offered us a token sale. It will begin on November 24, 2017, at 00:00 AM. Delaware time, and will last until October 15, 2017, or until it reaches the target amount – $ 21,600,000.00 – and will cover a total of 21 days. The time and number of tokens are limited, which means that after a specified period of time or after the inventory is exhausted, the tokens will no longer be sold.

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