Olney-Fraser: Bitcoin Is A Movement

block.news Olney-Fraser: Bitcoin Is A Movement

Darren Olney-Fraser says Bitcoin is a movement, and it’s not going away.

“Bitcoin is people-power pushing back against the established financial system, and it exhibits all the behaviours of a movement” he said.

Olney-Fraser says he is proud to be part of the Bitcoin movement. He is Chief Executive Officer of cryptocurrency Tigereum.

What are the principles of the Bitcoin movement? They are decentralisation, distributed power, transparency, open source, and accountability to all users.  It is a trust-based model which relies on people in a network co-operating openly and transparently with each other.

These are the principles set out in the Whitepaper released by Satoshi Nakamoto which started the Bitcoin movement in 2008.

Mr Olney-Fraser says that the Bitcoin movement, kicked off by Satoshi Nakamoto, has achieved something quite remarkable:

“A very sophisticated alternative financial infrastructure has been developed collaboratively by people across the world, and no-one owns or controls it” said Mr Olney-Fraser.

Bitcoin has unified people from every country, across political, cultural and demographic divides, who have worked together to achieve something which our largest, transnational companies are envious of and our governments fear.

Mr Olney-Fraser attributes the increasing value of Bitcoin this year to people realising the enormity of this movement, and what it represents, in an historic sense, about how our financial systems are evolving:

“Markets and investors have realised that Bitcoin is a movement which is here to stay, and banks and governments cannot control it any longer.”

Of course, governments will want to tax and regulate Bitcoin, and banks will lobby them to do so. However, this movement might well be bigger than governments can handle. The rules have changed.  This is global. This is people power. Bitcoin is going to be hard to kill off.

About Tigereum

Tigereum brings together a team of developers who love to produce smooth customer interfaces for crypto. Tigereum incorporates the best of old banking, new crypto and social media. We believe that our work helps bridge the gap between crypto and non-crypto worlds.  Tigereum keeps faith with the key principles of the crypto world: security, encryption, anonymity and blockchain.

Tigereum has launched a Token Swap, which opened on Friday 8 December and closes on Monday 18 December 2017. This will establish Tigereum Tokens as the internal cryptocurrency for Tigereum’s offerings.

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