The Okoin VR Project – Facts and Trends The Okoin VR Project – Facts and Trends

We can not stay away and remain silent about the current situation on the market. Certainly, we are closely following the evolution of the crisis of confidence in the crypto industry as a whole, and we want to express to you our point of view, give comments on the state of things in our project on the latest developments.

Our team, in what is now happening on the crypto market, sees more positive moments and new prospects for development. Of course, it is selfish of us to think like this, we come to such conclusions and consider the situation as applied to the OKOIN project.

Let us remind you that the OKOIN crypto currency relies on perhaps the most stable market in the world – the porn industry. The demand for adult products has never experienced a state of stagnation in its entire history of development, and the consumption growth every new year breakers the previous records. We focus on introducing advanced technologies to the market – blockchain, virtual and augmented reality. It is their harmonious combination that will soon lead us to success and we will achieve serious heights.

Our project, as all successful businesses, deals with many important and constraining rapid growth, problems and tasks.

The OKOIN is based on the blockchain technology that allows achieving a number of serious goals
– full anonymity of payments for users, which is more than 30% of the world’s population
– independence from traditional financial partners, banks and payment providers. Stability and honesty of mutual settlements between the parties to the transaction.

Virtual reality technology in the OKOIN project satisfies the basic human need – a constant search for new and previously unknown sensations. The desire to get these feelings makes us tick, regardless of gender, age and nationality.

All these facts allow us to draw a conclusion about the serious stability and prospects of OKOIN in times of sharp exchange rate fluctuations of the main cryptocurrencies.
Relying on fundamental values – constantly growing demand, satisfaction of market needs and stability, we understand that OKOIN can become an instrument of preservation and augmentation of capital for many crypto investors.

For our investors the drawdown of the cryptocurrency exchange rate at the moment means only one thing – it’s a great opportunity to buy OKOIN on better terms at the beginning of its path to success!

The choice is yours! Convert crypto assets into fiat and absorb losses, keep observing the global market decline and do nothing or look for growth options.

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