OKEx Launched Partner Exchange Program to Nurture a New Generation of Digital Asset Exchanges

OKEx Launched Partner Exchange Program to Nurture a New Generation of Digital Asset Exchanges

The world-leading digital asset exchange OKEx has recently launched its Partner Exchange Program, which not only offers an opportunity for the far-sighted teams to own a world leading digital asset exchange like OKEx, but also offers an impetus to build an open and mutual-benefit blockchain ecosystem. Every partner exchange will become a crucial part of the exchange community in OKB ecosystem to better grow and thrive positively in the future.
Initiated by the most trusted digital asset exchange

OK Partner Exchange Program is an exchange incubation program launched by OKEx, one of the leading digital asset exchanges by trading volume which has long been ranking top on CoinMarketCap. OKEx is the most comprehensive crypto exchange in business and products such as fiat trading, token trading and futures trading services to satisfy various trading needs of 20 million users in over 100 countries. For several years, OKEx has been leading in core technology, such as order matching system, secure wallet service, and clearing system.
All-round support provided to OK Partners

Being a member of OK Partner Exchange Program, you will be able to own your OKEx-equivalent top digital asset exchange with the world’s leading blockchain technologies, operation support, global customer service system and other supports.

*leading-tech support

OKEx’s global technical team will provide tech support to build your own exchange and share the core technologies such as order matching system, wallet service, counter system, and clearing system developed in several years, you can quickly build a website and own your personalized world-leading exchange with zero tech investment.

*experienced operation support

OKEx’s operation team will offer detailed instructions to guarantee that the operating systems of partner exchange can be quickly structured. By front-end support and the background operation system of SaaS, partners will be able to operate exchanges more flexibly. Moreover, the professional global customer support will also be accessible to all OK Partners to reduce your cost of customer service.

*sharing high-liquidity

With the order matching system provided by the program, orders from OKEx and all OK partners will be matched in one system. You can share the order book and high liquidity with OKEx and all OK partner exchanges, which enables you to offer a world-class digital asset trading experience from the first day.

*sharing 400+ trading pairs

Uses can get access to all the digital assets listed on OKEx from your exchange with one click to trade freely between hundreds of tokens in BTC, ETH and USDT markets. In addition, margin and futures trading service will be launched in the near future depending on the operation of partner exchanges, while Fiat Trading may possibly be available if the policy allowed in your registration place.

*autonomous token-listing

OK Partner enjoys the autonomous right to list tokens on their exchanges. Moreover, the qualified tokens could have the priority to be recommended to list on OKEx exchange after the auditing process.

*appreciable revenue& distribution structure

It is for sure that all OK partners will enjoy appreciable revenue and 50% trading commissions with the considerate distribution structure. The revenue and distribution will be cleared and transferred to your designated account every day at a fixed time to ensure high efficiency of operation.
How to apply for being an OK Partner

The program is now hotly ongoing and the first batch of exchanges in different fields have been officially launched. Anyone interested in OK Partner Exchange Program can send application email with the theme Application for OKEx partner + team/company name and leave the contact info including contact name, phone number and introduction of your team to okunion@okex.com.

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