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Oju Hospitality Group Launches ICO – “OjuT – The Travel Coin” – May Rival Bitcoin – Self-Invented Blockchain Technology and Proof of Stake Algorithms.

OjuT is first ICO where tokens can be used to buy properties and redeem goods such as travel products even before the ICO hits the exchange. OjuT Coin will enable seamless transactions worldwide, connecting the Owner to all aspects of the travel and hospitality world with one coin.

Phuket, Thailand – Oju Hospitality Group sent shockwaves through the travel and tourism industry today with the launch of a unique ICO that offers a real world eco-system built on top of a real world successful business enterprise with huge global demand and growth. Practical uses for OjuT coin will include booking and payment options for accommodation, transport, tours, attractions, shopping, dining, and much more – all made via the unique OjuT Coin and phone app.

Oju Hospitality Group plans include developing its own unique 5 stars niche hotel and real estate brands where token owners can invest exclusively via OjuT Coin, thus maintaining a massive demand for coins. Oju Gold (one of several unique niche hotel brands), aims to become The World’s first Cryptocurrency themed hotel. All properties are being designed from the ground up with Crypto-fanatics in mind. This represents a revolution for the current hotel business model and Oju Hospitality Group has already established the important relationships to the Chinese outbound tourist market, the biggest and fastest growing in the world.

Oju Hospitality Group has accumulated a real estate portfolio of more than 100 properties on the paradise vacation island of Phuket, Thailand, in the last 5 years. The team driving the project forward consists of an experienced mixture of dedicated business, technical, hospitality and real-estate professionals. In addition, key specialist advisors include Mr. Siri Chomchan, the former vice president of CP (Thailand’s largest company) and Alexandar Borodich, founder of Universa-platform (the world’s fastest blockchain).

A selection of current Oju Hospitality properties can be viewed on the popular Airbnb by clicking here.

During a recent press event, Mr. Wu Di, Founder of Oju Hospitality Group was quoted as saying, “There are many ICO’s out there, this is true. However most of them are built on fantasy and a dream. What we are launching is backed with REAL tangible real estate assets, making this ICO the only REAL deal in REAL life. This is not only in the digital world, it is already in real life in the form of hundreds of beautiful properties in Phuket. Our concept is also unique because it allows Owners to spend OjuT tokens directly, worldwide, within the eco-system, without cashing out to fiat currencies. No other crypto currency comes close in terms of usefulness.” He went on to say, “By putting OjuT in real use in real life on a massive scale, we create a huge demand in coin usage that will drive the price of OjuT up constantly. “The more hotels we build, the more hotel chains we acquire, the more partners in the travel industry we secure, the more daily usage of OjuT there will be, thus the value of OjuT increases exponentially.”

The teams’ vast knowledge allowed them to use self-invented blockchain technology and Proof of Stake Algorithms in order to provide miners with an unprecedented mining opportunity to make more profit than mining on POW-based blockchain. This combined with the surge in expected OjuT token trading due to holders purchasing travel products with the coin will make this one of the most sought after ICO tokens in history.

The launch of this ICO is slated for December 8, 2017, at which time the general public can begin purchasing tokens. Market Analysts have been predicting a strong demand for the token which translates to surging prices once it lists on the exchange. It is not too late to join the OjuT ICO, in fact it is just the beginning.

To learn more about this ICO or the international team at Oju Hospitality Group, visit their official website at OjuT – THE Travel Coin or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.


Company name: Oju Group
Company site: https://oju.io
Company contacts: ico@ojugroup.com

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