Odin: Redefining the Browser

Odin: Redefining the Browser

The internet technology was invented in early 1980s, known by public in 1990s and used globally from the beginning of the 21st century. Internet is now connecting every single part of the world. The first online advertisement was listed on hotwired.com on Oct 27, 1994. From then on, internet has been creating a huge market of online advertising and brands promotion. Google, Facebook,Amazon, Twitter, all these internet giants have been benefiting from the online advertising market.

Problems come with prosperity. Too many advertisements make this market super inefficient. For advertisers, the advertising expense is quite high, but more than 50% of the expense is useless. The advertising resources are monopolized by the very few network media and they can shut the door for real value products easily. For browser users, useless information overruns, advertisements are seen everywhere and passively accepted. The fraudulent advertisements like Phishing keep on emerging that the value of the user can’t be embodied.

Odin stands out at this time. An ecological blockchain based on the advertisement industry will redefine the next era of browser. Users will control the use right for the Odin based browser and own the right to block or read advertisements. Everyone that surfs the internet will receive corresponding token rewards for reading advertisements. Bad advertisements will be screened out, which will provide a more protective network. Now you can “mine” Odin tokens by just reading advertisements as you always did before. Make use of your online time, read/block ads and earn money.

For advertisers, this market will no longer be monopolized by a few media giants. Odin will make breakthroughs in the current monopoly advertisements industry. The advertising publishing is customized, the advertising circulation process is open and transparent, and the advertisers will be well aware of the true and reliable flow of each amount of the advertising fees, which is helpful to the evaluation for the advertising cost effectiveness.

The new Odin ecological blockchain is integrating the advertising publishing smart contract with blockchain technology. It uses POC (proof of contributions) and POW (proof of work) as combined consensus algorithm to create the redefined browser, which will construct a distributed advertising industry. The value created by the contents are remolded and the delivery process of the content value can be traced. It solved another major problem in the current advertising market that the copyright can’t be guaranteed and the content value for the advertising dissemination can’t be properly assessed.

Starting from the genesis of the Odin blockchain, one or more Odin system maintenance nodes will be elected as Bookkeeping Node to count the contributions of the Odin browser nodes every other contribution accounting cycle, and the Odin equities will be allocated to the Odin browser nodes. The Odin browser nodes will broadcast the flux contribution to the network every other contribution accounting cycle. The Odin system maintenance nodes will capture the flux data broadcast by the Odin browser nodes, count the flux and distribute the advertising fees and blocking awards to the browser nodes according to the contribution ratio. The bookkeeping nodes will synchronize the contribution data of all other Odin system maintenance nodes and count the total contributions of all Odin browser nodes in the T-moment as well as distribute the Token equities of the current accounting cycle according to the contribution ratio of each browser nodes. At the same time, the advertising fees are allocated to browser users in accordance with the advertisers’ smart contracts.

The POC & POW algorithm will work together as incentives to original content creators. Their copyrights will be protected by blockchain technology so their content values are guaranteed. On the other hand, browser users are rewarded by reading and blocking advertisements. Fraudulent advertisements or advertisements with vulgar contents will be blocked, which keeps the internet clean and positive. These advertisements creators who spent huge money with low returns will start to regulate themselves as well.

The customers’ trust will be built up gradually. More and more low value advertisements will disappear and replaced by the high value advertisements instead. The advertisement placed on the Odin Chain needs to be paid by using the Odin Token. The user will receive the Odin Token reward for reading the advertisement, and the content creator will also receive the Odin Token reward fees for publishing the contents, which reflects the privilege of using the Odin Token. A positive internet atmosphere will be constructed with the motivation of Odin Tokens. A new browser ecosystem powered by the Odin ecological blockchain and Odin Tokens is then fully developed in this stage.

Applying blockchain technology into browsers is pretty creative and it’s a great innovation in advertising industry. You won’t just surf the internet for yourself, but also mine rewards for the good of the entire network! A new era of internet experience is coming!

Odin has already owned huge communities in China, Japan and South Korea, it has established an extremely efficient operating team, and hundreds of thousands of its browser miner have been sold out. Furthermore, Odin has reached a strategic cooperation based on the VPN business with the Binance star-rate project QLC, and the two sides will mutually support the functions of each other’s products. Odin has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Asian Development Investment Bank located in Southeast Asia. Monitor the future of ODIN. We are firmly optimistic about the future of Odin!

Company name: Odin

Company site:https://www.odinlink.com




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