Noorcoin Partners With Zilliqa Noorcoin Partners With Zilliqa

Singapore, 10 April 2018, Noorcoin, the first shariah token in the world, catering to 1.6 billion Muslims, is proud to announce a pioneering partnership under a special arrangement with Zilliqa, the next-generation high-throughput blockchain platform.

Zilliqa, which is headquartered in Singapore, is a new blockchain protocol that is designed to scale securely in an open, permission-less distributed network.

The partnership will involve testing Zilliqa’s blockchain protocol for on-chain high-throughput transactions for the Noorcoin ecosystem.

The design of Zilliqa supports thousands of transactions per second while maintaining strong security and decentralization. In contrast, Bitcoin and Ethereum can support only about 3-15 transactions per second today, which is why Noorcoin is interested in testing the application of this platform.

“We’ve decided to build on Zilliqa’s platform since it opens up new options that weren’t possible earlier. We aspire to achieve outstanding quality, and to be a pioneer in setting the best practices in the world for the growing blockchain industry. With Zilliqa we believe that we can achieve that goal,” said Sofia Koswara, Founder & CEO of Noorcoin.

“We are looking forward to working with Noorcoin and applying the Zilliqa blockchain protocol to enable another fast and secure on-chain transaction use case,” said Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqa.

“Blockchain technology is the long-awaited solution for trustless and accountable platform. However, it is handicapped by the fact that the current platform can only perform maximum of 15 transactions per second. We are looking forward to match our development road map with the Zilliqa road map, including the testnet release, Scilla smart-contract language, and finally the mainnet launch around Q3 2018 to ensure a smooth execution of Noorcoin,” said Iskandar Purnomohadi, CTO of Noorcoin.

“Currently, very few people use blockchain based applications because even a simple transaction can take a lot of time to process or can incur a huge fee. The unique game-changing technology of Zilliqa facilitates the new possibilities for mass adoption of the blockchain-based applications. Noorcoin aims to serve a huge community and to help them do transparent, fair, and low-cost transactions seamlessly,” said Thomas Yudhistira, COO of Noorcoin. Noorcoin Partners With Zilliqa


Company name: Shine Jaya Tech Pte Ltd and Zilliqa Research Pte Ltd

Company site: and

Company contacts:

Zilliqa contact – Saiba Kataruka

Noorcoin contact – Iskandar Purnomohadi

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