No More Waiting – Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Crowdsale Goes Live

No More Waiting – Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Crowdsale Goes Live

Everything Ronaldinho does helps inspire others. If it’s in the playing field or off of it, he is sure to bring magic and joy to his fans. This is exactly what he did on February 2018 as he hinted to his Twitter followers that he would become a partner on a big project. On August 16, Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC) has ended their exciting private sale stage and started their next phase for the offering of their token based on the NEO blockchain.

“I have a big announcement to share with you, today.” – read the tweet. Ronaldinho hinted about joining a new project and that more details would be revealed later.

Little fans expect the word “big” may have even been an understatement. Now, RSC project is a highly ambitious and highly anticipated blockchain and cryptocurrency project that aims to build an innovative fan experience for soccer lovers using services such as Digital Stadiums – where fans can buy tickets for games, betting platforms for users to place bets on real match results and including eSports too. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications will also be a big part of what the RSC ecosystem offers audiences. Any fan will be able to view their favorite games and experience the action just as if they are playing alongside their favorite soccer heroes using such technologies and services.

A great way to summarize what RSC envisions about the future of soccer is looking at the phases of the project. On the first Quarter of 2019 the team plans to have the first working Ronaldinho Academy that will work to empower children who want to learn soccer and develop new talents as well as give back to children of low resources by donating via Smile Project which is using part of the revenue from their operations to give soccer balls to these children and help them pursue their sports dreams.

Next is the actual Ronaldinho Stadium Pilot project which intends to function as a fully operating stadium in which any fan can pay using the RSC Token saving costs in paying for intermediary fees and when making international payments to buy tickets for games.

The Ronaldinho Stadium will be fully equipped with AR and VR technologies for all spectators to experience the game action more closely than in traditional stadiums. Behind all of this a strong e-Commerce/ Marketplace will work using RSC as the preferred currency of payment adding to the demand for the token amongst soccer fans, a sport that has 3.5 billion followers making it the most popular sport in the world. And as soon as 2020 the RSC ecosystem will have its own eSports and betting exchange system where fans can earn cryptocurrency for winning on results for virtual teams like The Super League and real-life soccer leagues.

Ronaldinho also thanked all of his 17.8M followers on Twitter for the tremendous support received towards RSC project.

“When you play soccer, you are free. You are happy. “Alegria” to all soccer lovers in the world. Thank you for all your support! RONALDINHO SOCCER COIN PROJECT.” – read the tweet by the football superstar.

The RSC team has concluded their highly anticipated Private Sale and is inviting soccer fans who believe in a better soccer experience for all and a future where anyone can play and smile with Ronaldinho to join and become a part of this new era of services.

“The presale will soon start from 16th August!” – Ronaldinho Gaucho urged his Twitter followers one more time to not miss out on this exciting new venture.

Hurry and sign up to join! The RSC Presale began on 16 August 2018 at 12:00:00 AM (UTC time) and offered its token price at 0.22 USD but will only last until 26 August 2018 so you have 10 days to take advantage of a lower price.

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