New $trillion Category of Exchange

New $trillion Category of Exchange

Truly game-changing revelations in the world of crypto are a dime a dozen. But Dacxi, a global crypto-exchange company, have developed a truly innovative ecosystem, designed to solve the mainstream adoption problem. And we don’t say that lightly.

Mainstream retail investors will make up the vast majority of future crypto investors. Dacxi estimate this market to be 500 million people strong, and valued at $1 Trillion Dollars by 2022.

But why haven’t we seen adoption occur yet, and what is causing the delay? The problem is simple; existing crypto-exchanges and support networks are focused on the trader market, not the retail-investor market.

Existing exchanges have complex and trader-centric user experiences, and existing communities and learning tools are highly technical and are neither designed for the existing retail market, nor prepared to take on the upcoming wave of new-to-crypto investors.

Dacxi (or Digital Asset Community Exchange International) is a global start-up pioneering a new category of exchange, called Community Exchanges, which they claim is the answer to this problem.

“When it comes to the mainstream, there are two key things retail investors need to get into crypto,” says Tim Baxter, COO of Dacxi.

“First, is simplicity. People have to be able to go to one platform to easily buy and invest in crypto, and it has to be an simple and fun experience. Trader-centric exchanges are not set up to provide this, as their solutions are too technical.

“Secondly, the retail market need to feel supported along the way. It’s about making sure people have the knowledge and learning resources they need, the ability to reach out to their peers and experts for help, and to be able to do so in the way they want, whether that’s mobile or desktop. Existing solutions, like dedicated Reddit forums or technical YouTube analysis videos, simply don’t meet the mark when it comes to providing a supportive and simple path to successful crypto-investment.”

So the solution, as Baxter explains, comes in the form of an ecosystem of three platforms designed to make crypto-investment an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone.

“First, we have our exchange; simple and easy to use with a focus on a best in class user experience. Secondly, we have the Dacxi community; this is about learning, discussion and getting support from others and experts. And finally, Crypto-VC, a platform designed to deliver high-quality and low-risk ICOs to attract, empower, and more importantly, protect these retail-investors along the way,” he said.

The company is moving fast and is already in market, with public beta versions of both their Exchange and Community platforms live. Dacxi’s public ICO has just launched, with the DAC Coin acting as the community building coin at the heart of Dacxi’s fast growing ecosystem.

While it’s true that crypto exchanges experienced dramatic user growth in 2017, to date only 0.5% of the world’s population have invested in crypto assets. If crypto is to achieve mainstream adoption, it must successfully attract and empower the global retail investor market.

“Everything starts with people,” says Dacxi’s Head of Community Vicky Barker. “We are focused on building the number one global crypto community. Our public beta platform is live now, with the foundations of learning and peer-to-peer conversation built into the product roadmaps and technology stack. Using deep insights from the mainstream market, and designed with their needs at the forefront, we are building a safe and friendly environment for retail traders to grow and develop their skills, and learn alongside others.”

To learn more about Dacxi, or to take part in the ICO follow the link below

Dacxi ICO

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