New Smart Contract Platform DocTailor Brings Blockchain to Businesses New Smart Contract Platform DocTailor Brings Blockchain to Businesses

Cryptocurrency expert Sam Enrico Williams has announced the launch of a new blockchain-based project designed to improve the accessibility of customisable, legally-binding smart contracts. DocTailor aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency holders and non-crypto businesses, making it simple for any business operating within any industry to create their own cost-effective contracts on the blockchain.

DocTailor will be used solely to enable the creation of customisable legal smart contracts. Users of the platform will be able to select, find, and replace clauses from standard legal document templates, from a database created by legal professionals. With these resources, users will be able to easily create and send tailor-made legal documents on the blockchain with the implementation of a smart contract.

News of Williams’ groundbreaking project comes at a time when cryptocurrency is heading towards a staggering half a trillion in market capitalisation, and is predicted to climb further in the coming years.

The platform will utilise its own tokens (DOCT) as the sole designated means of payment, giving users access to DocTime where they can use a selection of features and clauses to create their own smart contracts. “The platform will reinvent the current status quo in the legal industry by effectively and securely bridging the gap between non-crypto businesses and an ever-expanding crypto economy”, says Williams. Boasting a wealth of experience within cryptocurrency, blockchain, and financial markets, Williams aims to boost widespread adoption of beneficial technologies through addressing today’s common issues.

Currently, creating unique legal smart contracts is both time-consuming and costly, particularly for users with no developer experience, or little understanding of how to receive cryptocurrency or utilise blockchain technology. DocTailor has been designed to solve the problem through provision of an automated legal contract database which can be used to create growth and development opportunities.

The release of the platform demonstrates a clear commitment to improving blockchain adoption rates, as well as making it quicker, easier, and more cost effective for non-crypto businesses to utilise revolutionary technologies. DocTailor is aimed at lawyers and legal professionals, businesses in all industries, and individuals, with an easy-to-use interface. The platform is expected to benefit users through the provision of more than 10,000 legal clauses, the ability to merge clauses into existing document structure, and integrated tracking options which can make it simpler for businesses to monitor recipient action.

A comprehensive list of the integrated features and functions that will allow users to create contracts on the blockchain and effectively grow revenues to their current non-crypto and crypto businesses can be found on the platform’s dedicated website.

The website also offers visitors the opportunity to download and read the DocTailor white paper, which explains more about DocTailor’s place in the current market.

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