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“A world of freedom for trading is not only our vision, but also what we live up to.” – said Mr. Giap Van Dai – CEO of “Forex (Foreign exchange) is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world with around $6 trillion traded per day. However, without any major upgrade for almost 10 years, this market becomes plagued with restrictions and inconveniences that traders have to suffer from on a daily basis.”

While everyone is complaining, only a few actually step up to do something. Nami Corporation is proud to introduce – a decentralized trading exchange that will democratize and revolutionize trading forex, commodities, indexes, bonds and cryptocurrencies. Capitalizing on advanced Blockchain technology, is a transparent, decentralized, anonymous, and fully automated trading exchange to reduce trading fees by 100 times compared to other traditional exchanges. as a result, there’s “No spread, No swap, No commission,” and the payout rate is up to 95%. is the flagship product to improve connectivity and sustainability of the ecosystem within Nami Corporation.

With, traders can trade not only traditional pairs, fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, etc. but also cryptocurrencies such as BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, etc.

In addition to spot trading, traders can trade Binary Options, to bet whether a certain instrument’s price would go up or down within a specific amount of time. In the best case scenario, traders will earn with a payout rate of 95% at all time, differentiating from existing Binary Options Brokers, where the payout rate is only up to 75%.

Last but not least, backed by a budding Fintech Ecosystem – which includes a Virtual Assistant for traders called Nami Assistant and a Crypto-Fiat Exchange Community, Our team is also actively building a well-knit community of traders and investors for your sake. Within the Ecosystem, each product has a unique role and complements each other.’s vision is realized with a public Token Crowdsale.

1 billion NACs will be issued during the Crowdsale from February 1st, 2018 until March 28th, 2018. 100 million NACs – 10% of the total number of tokens issued during this Crowdsale – is dedicated to the investors who helped spread the words in our Referral Program – Community Ambassador campaign, along with the investment fund holders that invest in this Crowdsale round. also has a new function called Binary Option in our Crowdsale Smart Contract so our Investors can have more options to purchase NAC at better prices.

Please stay tuned on our Bitcointalk Thread, Medium, Telegram, Twitter or Facebook, and visit the official Newsroom of Nami Corp. for more information.

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