Multi-Blockchain RPG Gone Mobile

Multi-Blockchain RPG Gone Mobile

The established blockchain game developer 0xGames has announced that its RPG battler 0xWarriors is now available on Google Play.

Players can now try out the gameplay features not just on the web but on Android devices as well. According to the studio, 0xWarriors will be coming to App Store in the nearest future. The team hopes this move will help to build a stronger player base as more features will be landing on the battlefields soon.

With the game having gone mobile, 0xGames is now aiming to make good on their promise to connect new blockchains to the game. TRON is the first one to get linked up: the developers have made it public that 0xWarriors joined TRON’s $100 million blockchain game fund Tron Arcade. According to the team, Tron Arcade will boost their efforts in making blockchain gaming a really engaging experience. As for the other chains, they will follow in the coming months.

0xWarriors is a multiplayer game where users can fight, take part in tournaments and equip warriors with unique items they can collect or trade in a marketplace. The recent presale held on EOS was supported by major blockchain market players and managed to gather over 4000 EOS. The game is currently running a beta test that began on December 18.

0xGames started to work together in late 2017. Their first product was 0xUniverse, a game powered by Ethereum, where players can settle planets in a 3D galaxy.  After successfully releasing 0xUniverse, the company announced 0xBattleships and 0xWarriors.

The team invites everyone to join 0xWarriors’ community on DiscordTelegramTwitter or Facebook.

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