Monster Byte And Aidos Announce Partnership Monster Byte And Aidos Announce Partnership

Panama City, Panama – November 20th, 2017 – A new partnership has been signed between B2B gaming firm Monster Byte Inc. and ultra-decentralized financial solution Aidos, creating new synergy between the two tech companies in their respective expertise.

The cooperation presents immediate value to both parties, with Monster Byte looking to leverage on the highly-sophisticated Aidos Kuneen (ADK) ecosystem which feature a fully scalable, decentralized, anonymous and quantum secure system for transfer of value with zero fees.

Aidos users, on the other hand, now have access to the experience and expertise of one of crypto gaming\rquote s industry veterans. ADK founder Ricardo Badoer remarked on the partnership:

“We are very happy for the new partnership as it will give more usage for ADK, allowing our users to gamble online and bet on sports in a safe environment, ultimately bringing more value to our network. Amongst other drastic visual improvements in their Provably Fair Casino, the platform expects to integrate full ADK support by the year.”

Leveraging on ADK’s future-proof technology

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular heralded a new age of ease and access for the online gambling industry. A pioneer in crypto-enabled gaming, the gaming suite has been assessing the ongoing developments of cryptocurrency, noting the challenging time for Bitcoin network’s capacity in the past year. It is becoming clear that the situation of growing costs of transaction fees and lengthening confirmation times has made using Bitcoin for remittance increasingly undesirable for both players and casino operators.

As such, the team has been considering for months to add new coin support as part of its desire to continue providing quick and secure low-cost transactions to its users.

ADK coin represents that next step as a third-generation blockchain asset. With a new, innovative distributed ledger called IMesh based on a directed acrylic graph (DAG), the ADK network is able to scale dynamically with the volume of transactions. As transactions increase, the more secure and efficient ADK becomes.

In short, the bigger it grows, the faster it gets. This eliminates the scalability issues that have led to rising fees and slower confirmations associated with Bitcoin.

About Aidos

Aidos is an open source and Quantum secure platform which features zero fee on transactions and is scalable without blocks. Its transaction system is based on a directed mesh with I2P as an underlying network layer that protects its users’ identities from being revealed. Its AKshuffle keeps users anonymous and transactions 100% invisible and untraceable. The platform is backed by the Aidos Foundation. Aidos was founded by Ricardo Badoer in 2016. Badoer has more than 16 years working experience in finance, offshore banking and has more than five years in digital currency trading.

About Monster Byte Inc.

Established in 2013, Monster Byte Inc. is a Panama-based technology company which specializes in the creation of B2B gaming software which is leveraged by several well-established cryptocurrency gambling platforms, including, the world’s first Bitcoin Sportsbook and Provably Fair Casino.

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