MoneyToken Implemented Falling Market Protection Service MoneyToken Implemented Falling Market Protection Service

Important announcement from the MoneyToken team to all Private Sale contributors

To provide assurance and protect Private Sale contributors from the falling market, the MoneyToken team announced that the token balance of all Private Sale participants will be reassessed at the end of the Token Sale, against the value of ether and other crypto assets at that point.

If the value of ether has risen, MoneyToken will reassess the number of IMTs issued to you as a contributor and increase the number of IMTs you will receive in proportion to this rise. MoneyToken will not make such a correction if the value of ETH has fallen.  

To gain access to the Private Sale, interested contributors should apply to join the
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If you are a cryptocurrency holder, or interested in finding out more about the project you can join MoneyToken telegram chat

For example:

  • You contribute 1 ETH today with ether trading at $800 = 1 ETH
  • If at the end of the general Token Sale ether’s value rises to $1,000 = 1 ETH, MoneyToken will reassess your contribution at the new rate and increase your IMT balance by 25%.
  • If ether’s value rises to $1,600 = 1 ETH, MoneyToken will increase your IMT balance by 100%.

The additional IMTs will be awarded for any contribution made in any accepted cryptocurrency (ETH/BTC/BCH/LTC) during the Private Sale.

This means that you can safely contribute to the Token Sale right now and receive the maximum amount of IMTs, even if the value of your BTC or ETH would have gone up before the sale ends.

This Private Sale update dovetails with the main mission and idea of MoneyToken: leveling the risks of the volatile market and providing the opportunity to save your cryptocurrency position with the help of cryptocurrency-backed loans.

The MoneyToken team recognizes the amazing value of the support of all the early contributors during the Private Sale. We welcome and cherish your support and want to do everything to enable you to take part and commit to our community. Join our telegram chat to support the MoneyToken community.

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