MoneyToken Allows You to Earn 8% in Interest on Your Stable Coins – Consistently

MoneyToken Allows You to Earn Interest on Your Stable Coins Consistently

For those who exist anywhere near the crypto scene, it’s obvious that if it had fashion trends – this season would be all about stablecoins.

With crypto investors choosing in favor of holding their crypto assets more and more, and investing into what seems to be the safest options on the market, we see a consistent growth of capitalization, and a drive for transparency in stablecoins – and this sentiment shows no signs of abating anytime soon.

But what is usually the motivation behind converting to stablecoins? Sitting it out “in safety” for the next rally, ready to get back into more highly volatile assets?

Well, now there is an option that allows you to put these assets to good use, and if you play your cards right, make an entirely risk-free profit while you are in the waiting game.

This Monday, MoneyToken, a crypto-backed lending platform, announced that they are launching an opportunity that is just that – a program allowing clients to become lenders and contribute to the MoneyToken credit fund, earning 8% annually from the amount deposited.

The team, lead by former Goldman Sachs employee Alex Rass, completed a $37M cap Token Sale in June; several sources close to the MoneyToken management team are claiming that, allegedly, the Lender membership program is being rushed through to launch, due to the company’s credit fund being wholly taken up with active loans, especially as a result of the runaway success of their 0% loans membership sales and the demand for crypto-backed loans this generated.

Putting rumour aside, what is clear is that the MoneyToken lender membership program is providing something truly unique – allowing members the opportunity to put their stablecoins to use just like any traditional currency and collecting interest, pushing crypto another step further in terms of financial convenience.

For the most careful and strategic of investors who aren’t looking to engage in a high-risk market with a high share of uncertainty; crypto funds not in possession of low-risk assets; and ICOs that have converted their collected funds to stable coins, MoneyToken acts like a form of treasury; an investment, which is backed twice-over by the collateral, with interest rates sitting at two to four times more than bank deposits in even the most client-oriented establishments and developed countries.

All the lender’s funds are backed in a 2:1 ratio, deposited to a separate fund in order to be able to issue loans right away, and ensuring the quickest interest rate return possible. Depending on whether the user holds IMT, the MoneyToken token, they’re looking at anywhere from 6.5% to 8% interest per annum.

If you’d like to deposit crypto as a lender, your options currently are Tether (USDT), Circle (USDC), which has MoneyToken listed as one of their partners in the first wave of adoption, and TrueUSD – all the most popular stable coins on the market.

Lender Registration is available right now, by filling in the application form on the MoneyToken platform website.

If you’re looking to turn your passive stablecoins into an active source of income this might just be the moment.

Join the MoneyToken Lender’s program here –

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