MoBee – Synergy of Blockchain And Telecom Market MoBee - Synergy of Blockchain And Telecom Market

A company is aiming to create an international mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) using its own cryptocurrency for payments.

Unlike other mobile virtual operators whose service is based on reselling traffic we found revolutionary solution appropriate to all telecom market counterparts.

MoBee ecosystem is based on three main components: MoBee virtual operator, NetWorx platform and DiStream moneybox application. Their interaction is built on unique model.

Mobile providers engage experts to operate and maintain infrastructure and reckon by traffic.

Traffic is redirected to MoBee subscribers and paid off by MBE tokens using DiStream moneybox application.

MoBee operator is sending MBE tokens to experts from NetWorx.

MoBee is:

  1. The highest quality pure mobile communication and no annoying advertising on the network;
  2. A limited offer with a price level 30% lower than current prices;
  3. Workplaces for high-level specialists in the telecommunications industry

MoBee cite multiple ‘flaws’ in similar virtual operator schemes – namely, the lack of flexibility in price plans for customers, lack of opportunity for collaboration with other companies, and geographical constraints- and say that their solution is unique, allowing them to be in a business position to hold high margins whilst offering low price services.

Whitepaper outlines the ‘three link idea’ structure on which the company is based: the NetWorx platform of mobile operators, linking to the MoBee team of virtual operators, in turn linking to the DiStream Moneybox subscribers (a tool to help manage  MoBee accounts and crypto funds). The company claim that their system will benefit both the mobile operator providers (NetWorx) and subscribers (DiStream) financially. The operators can make full use of the NetWorx platform to access telecom freelancers and experts, reduce operational costs by using mobile traffic to pay for infrastructure maintenance, and improve efficiencies by developing customer relations and service techniques. Meanwhile, subscribers to MoBee can make the most of a broad range of mobile services adjusted to their needs and pay for them with crypto, and take advantage of MoBee partner network services including bonus cashback and loyalty schemes.

As a platform, NetWorx aims to provide the full range of service a customer could require from a telecommunications company: providing multifunctional software is at the core, as well as integration, adjustment, optimisation and technical support. It is ‘organised as a platform for telecom operators’ requests and proposals coming from different providers’. The whitepaper states that the key feature of this ecosystem is how ‘the services will not be sold to operators on commercial terms, but will be exchanged for some part of the operators’ resources (roughly, minutes of talk time and megabytes of internet traffic). This traffic will be redistributed by the MoBee virtual operator among their subscribers for the MBE tokens’. These tokens will be allocated to providers based on the amount, difficulty and quality of work.

The aforementioned DiStream Moneybox will act as the MBE wallet for users. It will allow them to manage MoBee resources, manage tokens and access features such as customer service help.

The system will run on the Ethereum blockchain using the unique MoBee token (MBE). The pre-ICO is already live and will run until April 15th, after which the current 30% discount rate will gradually decrease. The sale has strong backing from FoundICO, ICObench and TrackICO awarding highly positive ratings.

For those interested, also have a YouTube video giving an overview of the company.

MoBee’s roadmap lays out plans to strengthen their advertising following the ICO in order to build their ecosystem, and thus bring in further NetWorx participants once the ICO has reached 6 million invested. At this point the MBE token is also planned to be listed on more token exchange sites, as well as MoBee partnering with further distribution networks. Once the ICO has reached 12 million, MoBee aim to have completed development of the DiStream moneybox and fully launch the MoBee operator system. They will then focus on building and growing the MoBee ecosystem and community.

In addition, there is a bounty programme available to those who support the MoBee ICO through means such as social media campaigns, or aiding with translation and moderation.

The team behind MoBee are diverse and international. The three co-founders Alex Tishkov, Alex Skuryat and Andrew Koleda take the roles of CSO, CEO and CTO respectively. They hold forty six years of telecom experience combined along with multiple stints as heads of companies (details and evidence of their experience are published here). The advisory team draw professional experience from companies such as ZTE, Velcom, Rostelecom, Nokia, Huawei, Sberbank, Beeline.

Once the target has been raised from the ICO (maximum 20 million tokens), many will be watching MoBee with interest to see if they really can fulfil their claim of ‘revolutionising communication’.

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