MIX Blockchain Party in San Francisco March 15th

block.news MIX Blockchain Party in San Francisco March 15th

On 15th March MIX Blockchain is throwing a free invite-only party for 250 VIP guests. It’s at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall in The Mission, San Francisco. There will be a presentation on origins of MIX and where it is going by the founder, Jonathan Brown. This will be followed by funky swing band The Klipptones and a swing dancing performance.

MIX is a re-envisioning of the original concept of the Web using modern decentralized technologies such as Ethereum and IPFS.

In recent days, as reported by Corbett Report and Press For Truth, YouTube has banned many alternative media channels. Humanity needs a publishing platform that is autonomous and not controlled by a company.

MIX Blockchain is entirely uncontrolled and unstoppable.

To attend the party, send an email to party@mix-blockchain.org telling us about your interest in MIX Blockchain.

block.news MIX Blockchain Party in San Francisco March 15th

About MIX

Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Instagram, YouTube are all broken because the content is trapped in the platform. This leads to censorship and controlled filter bubbles, reducing freedom of expression.

The solution is that rather than publishing to a platform controlled by a company, content should be published using a neutral permissionless protocol using decentralized technologies such as Ethereum and IPFS.

By de-coupling publishing and consumption of content, developers are free to innovate and every user can choose the app or filter bubble they want. This freedom will lead to greater richness of online communities that are better able to attain the goal of empowering individuals through knowledge and understanding.

MIX is based on a clone of Ethereum, providing independence and a huge capacity increase over using the Ethereum main chain.

Company contacts: TwitterDiscordcontact@mix-blockchain.org.

Company name: MIX Blockchain

Company site: https://www.mix-blockchain.org/

Company email: jbrown@mix-blockchain.org

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