Mira Launches Pre-ICO With Limited Token Emission

block.news Mira Launches Pre-ICO With Limited Token Emission

Mira, a software suite for storing and sending cryptocurrencies in an easy and convenient way, is holding its pre-ICO for 3 days between 27-29 November. A limited amount of 3 300 000 MIRA tokens is available for purchase with a 40% bonus on 1 MIRA token, set at 0.6$.

Mira is a project that aims to provide a new outlook on how digital money can be handled, offering a solution to current issues with buying, holding and sending cryptocurrencies, like the technical difficulties of currency acquisition, low transaction speeds, anonymity issues and security compromises. This is achieved by a combination of blockchain verification and off-chain storage.

The main technological fix in Mira’s solution is MiraBox, a password-protected container for cryptocurrencies, which, once downloaded, acts as a regular file, transferrable by email, messenger apps or on a USB drive, and providing cold storage for savings. There are three types of MiraBox for different situations and uses. NominalBox allows users to buy a preset amount of cryptocurrency at the press of a button. MultiBox can hold multiple kinds of cryptocurrency and regular files (postcards, contracts, etc). SmartBox has integrated smart contracts for setting specific opening conditions, like a certain date or predetermined currency rate.

The idea behind the MiraBox combines a set of features for dealing with cryptocurrencies that, in their entirety, can not be matched by exchanges or wallets currently available on the market. Apart from removing security problems, which arise when private keys and passwords are stored online under the control of third-party holders, moving transactions off the blockchain results in the absence of commissions when money changes hands, and also provides complete anonymity not only for new owners but even at the moment of purchasing a container at Mira’s exchange, as the only information needed for MiraBox creation is its ID. Another important benefit available to users is convenience, as it makes cryptocurrencies accessible to people who lack technological know-how.

The project has already gained some attention and support from cryptocurrency communities that were sponsoring its development in the early stages. “As Mira is fully integrated into blockchain, which serves as a backbone for all services we provide within the software ecosystem, it seemed like a very logical step for us to hold an ICO. This appears to be the best means of reaching a wider audience with our idea and to raise funds for further platform development.” – says Mira CEO Dmitriy Baday.

Providing the company reaches the target 1 980 000$ during its presale, Mira’s ICO will be held in February 2018. More detailed information on this project can be found at the website, and in the Whitepaper.

Company name: Mira Lab

Company site: https://miralab.io/

Company contacts: Dmitriy Baday

Email: info@miralab.io

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