Midex Launches EU Regulated Crypto to Fiat Exchange

Midex Launches EU Regulated Crypto to Fiat Exchange

Midex, an international company with HQs in Estonia and representatives in Asia, has announced the launch of the first EU regulated crypto-to-fiat exchange. With the trading performance of millions of operations per second, a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods (wire transfers, payment cards, instant payments), support of the top trading pairs, and a robust security system, the platform is here to meet the needs of crypto beginners and professional traders.

The key pillars of the Midex exchange are legality and safety. Midex is the cryptocurrency exchange that has obtained a termless operating license with the number one (FVR000001), allowing it to provide services of exchanging virtual currencies to the fiat and vice versa.

Moreover, the platform has developed an advanced security system, according to which the main assets are stored in cold wallets, where the private keys are presented as multi-sig, hence, not a single person in the company is able to access e-wallet at any time. Keys have never been performed to the devices or connected to the web, and are stored in geographically distributed locations. The Midex alert system blocks any operations in case of violation of database integrity or an unauthorized change.

When it comes to the crypto-to-fiat exchange, the ability to easily deposit and withdraw funds are a sticking point for many platforms. Midex already launches with such payment options as bank transfer and cards (VISA, MasterCard, and JCB). In the beginning, most of the deposit methods are free of charge.

“In our company, we are constantly operating within fast-growing markets, and the cryptocurrency industry is essentially one of them. Midex exchange supports both well-established currencies, such as BTC and ETH, as well as promising emerging coins,” says Arseniy Dain, CBDO. “Although the platform is available all over the world, we are currently focusing on the EU and Asian markets, the confirmation of which you may see in the supported fiat currencies — USD, GBP, CNY, JPY, EUR, and HKD. And there are more to come, and we are flexible enough to satisfy the needs of our users.”

Midex is claiming to become the best exchange for both beginners and professional traders. Newcomers will enjoy the user-friendly and intuitive interface where everything can be done using just one window. Such a straightforward deposit method as payment cards and support of the 24/7 customer service will also come in handy for those who are willing to buy their first cryptocurrency. High liquidity, the platform’s performance of millions of operations per second (depends on the trading volume), anonymous trading, and API for setting up automated trading, are here to serve the needs of the professionals.

Finally, users can take advantage of the platform’s native token — Midex (MDX). The token can be used for reducing the fees and obtaining discounts, as well as receiving passive income in the form of 20% of daily commissions turnover, distributed among the token holders’ accounts under the special conditions.

About Midex

Midex is an international company headquartered in Estonia with the representatives in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong. The team members are developing and implementing innovations for the leading financial infrastructure institutions and companies. In 2018, Midex has successfully raised over $20 million during the token sale and is implementing the roadmap into life by launching the first regulated EU crypto exchange. The company’s IPO is expected in two years.

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