Meet Internxt, One of the Few Blockchain Projects that Actually Make Sense Meet Internxt, One of the Few Blockchain Projects that Actually Make Sense

After successfully closing a fundraising round through a regulated Initial Coin Offering, Internxt is starting to work on helping shape a new internet with the creation of distributed internet services that are attractive for the mass-market. Similar to what companies like Apple did 30 years ago with the personal computer and later with the smartphone, Internxt (unlike similar decentralized internet solutions) is crafting mass-market attractive internet services.

Internxt is starting with decentralized cloud file storage as their first distributed internet solution, “X Files”. It will allow anyone (both individuals and businesses) to host files in a significantly more secure, private, reliable and independent cloud. A cloud that brings together the highest levels of security with all the benefits of the cloud. “We believe people have the right for higher levels of privacy and security on a cloud that finally makes sense” –
adds Fran Villalba Segarra, Internxt’s Founder and CEO.

Fran Villalba Segarra (born 1997) is a young entrepreneur, nominated (and hopefully selected!) for Forbes 30 Under 30 2018. “If you believe you can do something and you work incredibly hard on it, you will very likely accomplish it. You just need to find what your passions are and exploit them”. “We’re creating a cloud solution that’s simply better to what people are currently using. We’ll make sure it’s as simple and as easy-to-use as traditional cloud services are so that people can make an organic transition to our platform”, assures Fran.

X Files will mainly be based on IPFS. They are takign different decentralized technologies and  improving them to make sure they are nicely shaped to fit Internxt’s X Files needs. However, Internxt is mainly focusing on providing a seamless user experience, unlike companies such as Storj, Substratum or Sia are. Internxt’s X Files Alpha version will go live on January 2018, and the stable version in May 2018. Hosts hosting files on Internxt’s X Files P2P network will get paid with Internxts coin “INXT”, currently traded on exchanges such as CoinExchange. Internxt’s marketing capaign is about to start, so make sure you keep an eye on this gem! Internxt is building decentralized solutions that actually make sense and that people want to use.

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