MedCredits Releases Decentralized Telemedicine Platform MedCredits Releases Decentralized Telemedicine Platform

Racing to be the first to release a decentralized healthcare platform, MedCredits demoed its Hippocrates app prior to the new year. With a focus on dermatology, the app allows patients anywhere in the world to submit skin problems and receive medical recommendations from licensed dermatologists.

The user experience is as simple as snapping a photo of the skin problem, clicking a few buttons and then submitting the case. The elegance of the MedCredits platform lies in its decentralized backend build. Medcredits uses IPFS for decentralized storage of case files and smart contracts to guide the patient-physician encounter. It is the first blockchain-powered health platform to connect patients and doctors all over the world on a decentralized network.

Why use the blockchain?

By creating an open global market for medical services, the exorbitant expenses of traditional healthcare disappear. “With a decentralized platform, we remove all the extra administration and middlemen fees of traditional platforms,” says Dr. James Todaro, CEO. “With MedCredits, nearly 100% of your payment goes to the doctor. The only expense is the gas necessary to process the smart contract on the ethereum virtual machine.”

Addressing poor access to healthcare and out of control costs, Dr. Moshe Praver, COO of MedCredits states “our mission is to use blockchain technology to deliver affordable and efficient care to patients globally.” On the MedCredits platform, patients will receive medical recommendations from licensed doctors in minutes for under $10. “For patients, our go-to-market strategy is quite simple. We are removing any barriers to patients using the app by providing one free evaluation per patient.”

The MedCredits platform is already on-boarding physicians and is actively building a decentralized registry of physicians.

MedCredits is currently in the last few days of its Seed Round which closes on January 14th, 2018. Token sale participants will be given early access to the app prior to the final release during the public token sale.

The demo of the Hippocrates app can be found here.

To register for the Seed Round, please visit the webpage.

For more information, please visit the website or the telegram.

Company name: MedCredits, Inc

Company site:

Company contacts:

Dr. James Todaro, CEO

Dr. Moshe Praver, COO

Ryan Cody, Technology Lead

Joseph Todaro, Business Development


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