SINGAPORE, 24.02.2018 – MARK.SPACE Representatives have announced the launch of a new, infrastructural project called CRYPTO.VALLEY: a complete and separate 3D and VR-compatible virtual city, which will be an interactive and informational pool for all crypto world representatives.

CRYPTO.VALLEY aims to be a platform for expertise, as well as for the accumulation of advertising traffic. MARK.SPACE officials claim the virtual city to become the central visual point and reputational playground for crypto businesses and individuals: an opportunity for projects to present themselves in 3D and/or VR format. The latter being a qualitatively completely new level of formation of audience loyalty and customer satisfaction.

As part of the MARK.SPACE universe, CRYPTO.VALLEY will provide its community with a virtually rendered socioeconomic interaction platform for: Blockchain developers, crypto-exchanges, foundations and associations, protocols, mining equipment manufacturers, advisors and experts, crypto-bloggers, gadget showrooms, any kind of crypto or blockchain projects, crypto-banks, VC’s and crypto funds and all those who are interested in the subject. For understanding purposes, the founders themselves refer to the platform as a “3D and VR-compatible Reddit, BitcoinTalk, KickStarter or Crypto Wikipedia”.

The application procedure for admission to the Crypto Valley community on the MARK.SPACE platform will start on 24.02.2018 on the project’s new landing page

Virtual property and address allocation will commence in April of this year, simultaneously with other Districts and according to the MARK.SPACE Roadmap, available on the official website.

MARK.SPACE is an open-source platform for creation of 3D and VR-compatible websites, available on any browser, on any device, and without pre-installation or pre-registration. Users don’t need to know even the basics of programming to create VR-compatible web-spaces. VR glasses or headgear are optional. Platform allows to connect any top-level domain to any space (unit or website) in the virtual universe of MARK.SPACE. HTML5 front-end of spaces opens unlimited possibilities for any content or functionality implementation.

Company name: MARK.SPACE

Company site:


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