Marconi Introduces First Developer Testing Network to Build, Manage and Secure Complex Cloud Networks

Marconi Introduces First Developer Testing Network

San Francisco, California – Marconi, creators of the blockchain-based smart ethernet Marconi Protocol, today announced the launch of its Developer Test Network. Designed to enhance or even replace existing networking infrastructure, Marconi Protocol provides an easy way to build and secure distributed networks and networking applications across regions and environments, whether nodes are running on hardware in a data center, virtual machines or containers.

By building on Marconi’s Developer Test Net, network administrators have a sandbox to begin deploying and securing their networks, and developers can begin building their own compelling networking solutions, security applications or even other blockchain protocols. Today’s release of the Developer Test Network also includes multiple documented, out-of-the-box applications such as:

  • Multi-cloud deployments that enable network administrators to leverage the unique features, regions and pricing of different cloud providers
  • Firewalls for securing traffic from suspicious activity on a blockchain-based network
  • Load balancers that are easily scaled in the cloud and support any type of network traffic

“After building, scaling and managing multiple data centers and networks with thousands of devices at Google, I saw firsthand that the technology used to connect, bridge and secure connections globally was inadequate,” said Jong Kim, chief architect for Marconi. “We built Marconi so organizations can more easily setup, manage and secure complex networks across multiple clouds without extensive networking experience or specialized hardware.”

Currently 81 percent of enterprises now have a multi-cloud strategy, but many have struggled to handle the scaling and management challenges associated with having multiple clouds. However, the Marconi Protocol helps businesses remove networking complexity, creating an easy-to-manage service mesh with self-healing routing even when a node goes down. Security is built in through low-level mutating encryptions that secure all of the connections between each node.

A full explanation and history of Marconi Protocol is available on, which includes more details about the product, quick start guides, use cases, sample code and additional developer resources.

About Marconi

The Marconi Protocol is a networking and distributed ledger protocol for creating robust networks and service meshes which can run powerful management and security applications on any platform or cloud provider. For more information, visit For the latest updates, please visit

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