Luxure Global Citizen Statement – Luxury Rewards Platform for the World’s Most Prestigious Brands Luxure Global Citizen Statement – Luxury Rewards Platform for the World’s Most Prestigious Brands

In 2017, Luxure Global Citizen identified the incredible potential of creating its own
Cryptocurrency based on a bespoke business model and structure.

Luxure Global Citizen saw the Cryptocurrency as something that would be complementary to its core business in two ways: Accepting the digital currency as form of payment against luxury goods & products and offering valued members a 5% reward in the Luxure Global Citizen digital currency.

Luxure Global Citizen was approached by Populous World Ltd with an offer to create a Cryptocurrency in return for 10% of the invoices to be filtered through the Populous invoicing platform.

Luxure Global Citizen came to an agreement with Populous World Ltd but made the decision to terminate this arrangement with immediate effect from February 1st 2018.

Luxure Global Citizen has retained experts in this field to build its own Cryptocurrency internally. For information and updates, please visit the new website which is launched on February 9th 2018, URL here:

Luxure Global Citizen sympathises with those who have been affected by the unauthorised Populous World Ltd announcement of September 2017.

As a result of this inconvenience, Luxure Global Citizen will offer all those affected our forthcoming “LGC-Coin” at the initial private sale in the coming weeks. This is a goodwill gesture from Luxure Global Citizen and the date of this private sale will be announced via email.

Should any affected party wish to participate in the initial private sale of the “LGC-Coin” please contact Luxure Global Citizen directly with proof of your purchase with Populous World Ltd via the aforementioned website.


About Luxure Global Citizen
Luxure Global Citizen is a celebration of the finest brands and luxury shopping destination
for our selected membership base. Members can enjoy the benefits of raising new special
orders and view their account to see monthly 5% Cash Reward statements.

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