Lunyr – Blockchain-Based Knowledge Sharing Platform Launches Open Beta PR: Lunyr – Blockchain-Based Knowledge Sharing Platform Launches Open Beta

California, USA – Blockchain-based knowledge sharing platform Lunyr launches Open Beta which will initially offer more than $200,000 in rewards for writing, editing, and peer reviewing information. Now running live on the Ethereum blockchain mainnet, the Lunyr Open Beta represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the future of knowledge sharing. As the knowledge base grows, so will the value of the Lunyr API, which will allow developers to use the knowledge base as a backbone for creating next-generation decentralized applications in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more.

Arnold Pham, Cofounder and CEO of Lunyr says,

“In the early stages, Lunyr will serve as the go-to resource for reliable, easy-to-read and unbiased information about current and upcoming crypto projects. Once we grow a solid community of readers, we will aim to expand into other domains of knowledge including but not limited to innovative, bleeding edge topics in Finance, Law, Investment, Science, and Technology.”

After the Open Beta, Lunyr articles will begin showing up in search engines globally including Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo. Lunyr is currently developing multiple language support (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, etc.) to achieve its goal of becoming a global censorship-resistant, decentralized knowledge base.

Arnold Pham states,

“We’re very proud we’ve come this far. Lunyr started as a grassroots movement for free, unbiased decentralized information. Now it has a stable product, vibrant community, and valuable content that continues to grow. We’d like to thank the Lunyr community for testing the Private Alpha and providing feedback for the past several months. Our focus in the next stage will be on growing the community while continually upgrading on the product.”

Advertisers will now be able to advertise on the Lunyr platform through the purchase of Lunyr tokens (LUN), an ERC20-based token on the Ethereum platform. LUN can be obtained either from the Lunyr platform’s reward system or exchanges such as,,,, Big.ONE, and


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