Lumi Wallet Launches Support for Almost All ERC20 Tokens

Lumi Wallet Launches Support for Almost All ERC20 Tokens

On December 4 Lumi Wallet announced the latest iOS and Android releases that supported the majority of ERC20 tokens that are available on the market. As of today, Lumi Wallet users are able to store, send, and receive the most popular tokens, as well as major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. In addition, the platform offers an in-wallet exchange for fast and convenient transactions. To improve the multi-token user experience, the app allows the user to search tokens by name, ticker, and contract address.

Lumi Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet with client-side private key storage that focuses on the security, comfort, and privacy of the user. Your funds are secured through a mnemonic passphrase and PIN-code, and other security options like Face ID/TouchID/2FA, fingerprints can be enabled. The wallet is available on both IOS and Android platforms, and there are also two web versions (client-side and traditional).

The wallet is equipped with price graphs that allow users to check currency rates for any date, and all price-related information is backed by Coinmarketcap. Coin prices are shown in both USD and crypto. Lumi Wallet users can also see their whole transaction history and create as many token wallets as necessary.

Lumi Collect is another wallet by this provider that focuses on a different type of tokens and supports ERC721 (non-fungible token) standard. It can be used to store crypto collectibles and perform in-game actions such as buying, selling, or gifting. It is also equipped with an in-app browser, so users can play any game and sign any ETH transaction they want to.

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