Lumi Released SDK for Dapps to Sign ETH Transactions

Lumi Released SDK for Dapps to Sign ETH Transactions

Lumi, an established crypto wallet provided, has announced the Lumi SDK (software development kit) release. It can be used by dapps that want to integrate a crypto wallet into their mobile application to enable Ethereum transactions.

The Lumi team refers to their SDK as ‘Metamask for mobile’. They explain that many projects built on the Ethereum blockchain use Metamask browser extension as their in-built wallet but experience difficulties building an app since Metamask is a desktop-only solution.

By integrating Lumi SDK into a native dApp the merchant gets a wallet without the necessity of building it himself. For users, it enables an option to sign transactions securely within the dapp. The process of purchasing an item doesn’t require any extra effort. After clicking on the transaction button and confirming transaction details a user gets instantly redirected to Lumi Wallet, presses the sign button and gets right back to the app.

Lumi SDK can be integrated into any dApp whether its a blockchain game, decentralized auction or a marketplace. An integrated wallet is compatible with ERC-721 (non-fungible) tokens and executes ETH transactions. Smart contract functions allow creating any custom-built transactions such as gifting the art pieces or breeding your crypto collectible.

A recent addition to the Lumi Collect interface – “Gift”, “Sell”, and “Breed” buttons for Cryptokitties that enable performing in-game actions right in the app: you don’t need your computer with a specific browser to send someone a kitty! Same buttons can be added to the interface of any other mobile game, depending on its special preferences.

You can reach the Lumi team on Telegram public chat and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit for more news.

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