Loyakk Ltd. Receives Investments from Silicon-valley Based VC Firm and Business Leaders Ahead of its ICO

block.news Investments from Silicon-valley Based VC Firm and Business Leaders Ahead of its ICO

AI8 Ventures joins leading business and technology leaders in their support of Loyakk’s vision for blockchain-powered decentralized business networks.

February, 2018 – London, United Kingdom. Loyakk, makers of a blockchain-enabled Business Relationship Management platform, announced AI8 Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that invests in early stage high-growth companies as the latest in a growing list of investors. Loyakk has announced the Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform – powered by blockchain – that will transform how companies engage with their global network of customers, channel partners, distributors, suppliers and contractors in a secure, efficient and auditable manner.

Loyakk Ltd UK is leveraging this technology and launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the VEGA project with its breakthrough, patent-pending blockchain-enabled platform for building and managing decentralized business networks.  The Loyakk ICO Presale has now gone live. For more information, visit Loyakk.io. Following are some of the key highlights that makes this a true ‘Blue Chip’ ICO:

  • World’s 1st Blockchain-enabled Platform for Decentralized Business Networks
  • Addressing global $100 billion+ market with a patent-pending solution
  • Existing customers including SAP, Novartis, Abbott Labs, Infosys to name a few
  • Top-tier team with enterprise software + blockchain DNA
  • Advisors include Global CIO of Nissan Motors, President, San Jose Sharks, Ex-CIO of McAfee and other business and Tech Leaders
  • Have premier technology and go-to-market partnerships in place
  • Have jointly announced blockchain solutions for insurance and wealth management with Mphasis – a billion-dollar global IT solutions leader and a Blackstone Company (World’s largest Alternative Investments / Private equity firm)

“Blockchain-powered business networks is a very compelling notion when you consider the needs of business to streamline & secure interactions across the business partner network. Loyakk’s vision and platform to create decentralized Value Webs holds much potential”, said Anthony Thomas, Global CIO, Nissan Motors and advisor to Loyakk.

Loyakk is addressing a global problem faced by every business that works with their network of business partners to create and distribute value to their customers. Today, enterprises attempt to manage these inter-company interactions across their ecosystem using archaic applications or email, and struggle with data leaks, IP theft, data reconciliation, contract disputes, and limited governance across these globally distributed networks.  Loyakk is pioneering the concept of ‘Enterprise Value Webs’, which are decentralized, distributed, digital ecosystem structures, powered and protected by blockchain technology. This fundamentally transforms the way enterprises across industries create and distribute value to their customers and partners. Businesses will have the ability to track and secure transactions, accelerate the movement of value and digital assets, manage contracts better and control propagation and sharing of business data ensuring better governance across the network.

“Businesses don’t go to market alone, they don’t serve a customer alone. They always depend on an ecosystem or a network that can advance their cause; be it building better products, accelerating new customers or serving existing ones better”, said Salim Ali, CEO, Loyakk, Inc – the creators of the technology. “Sharing confidential business and sales data with the network is a $100B+ problem that needs a solution. Our team’s DNA is rooted in enterprise applications and we are leveraging blockchain capabilities to enable business to share and track critical business data with its partners, customers, vendors, channel and suppliers.”

“We are certain that there is tremendous potential for Blockchain in the Enterprise, and love the vision and clarity that Loyakk.io has for disrupting the Enterprise Application stack.” said Dion DeLoof, General Partner, AI8 Ventures. “We are very excited to announce our investment in Loyakk.”

With this investment, AI8 Ventures joins leading business and technology industry leaders including Jonathan Becher, former Chief Digital Officer at SAP, Leslie Dukker Doty – ex-EVP Consumer Marketing, Time Inc. and others in their support of Loyakk’s vision of applying the promise of blockchain in solving complex, real-world business problems.

“Blockchain technology holds the promise to enable the digital shift that businesses will require to be competitive in the 21st century.” said and President of the San Jose Sharks. “Loyakk has a bold vision to build an enterprise-grade platform that can help companies achieve that shift. I believe in the Loyakk team’s ability to execute on this vision and am excited to be an investor in, and an advisor to Loyakk.”

“Whether an organization offers consumer services, or has business-to-business offerings, it requires smooth, secure & auditable coordination across a network of partners to deliver those services.” said Leslie Dukker Doty – ex-Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing, Time Inc. “There is tremendous opportunity for the Loyakk Blockchain-enabled Enterprise Relationship platform to eliminate a lot of the friction that characterises these interactions, and I am thrilled to participate in this journey.”

Loyakk, Inc has leading global companies as customers and is managed by a world-class team with experience at companies such as SAP, IBM, Oracle-Siebel, VMware, ETrade and HP.

Company name: Loyakk

Company site: www.loyakk.io

Company contacts: Sadiq Quasim

Company email: Sadiq.quasim@loyakk.co.uk

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