Looking Forward: CGCX Ends Public Sale Phase 1 And Begins Phase 2

CGCX Ends Public Sale Phase 1 And Begins Phase 2

July 19, 2018, Singapore – As the Calfin Global Crypto Exchange, or CGCX, reviews its progress during the first phase of its public cryptocurrency sale, it has a number of accomplishments to tout. The platform achieved its main financial goals of 43,215 ETH raised and attracted a multitude of users, all while publishing a beta version of its exchange to help investors understand what they were getting involved with. These achievements bode well for the future of one of the most innovative blockchain platforms on the market.

CGCX hopes to revolutionize the blockchain trading market by fusing a platform for ICO listings, a platform for cryptocurrency trading, a platform for smart contracts, and a platform for merchant services. This initiative provides an unprecedented opportunity for diversification. Combined with other features of the exchange, these efforts allow investors to achieve greater financial security and profitability than ever before.

The innovative nature of CGCX has attracted a deluge of investors, allowing the platform to meet and exceed its financial and recruitment goals. This indicates that there is high demand for the services CGCX offers, suggesting that it will be able to successfully transform the blockchain market.

The Early Success of CGCX

CGCX’s decision to roll four platforms into one offers investors greater convenience and financial security than what is typically available in cryptocurrency investments. Through these four platforms, users can spread their money across multiple assets. This makes them more likely to earn a profit in any market, as at least some of the assets they buy are likely to succeed under any set of economic conditions. CGCX supplements this benefit by providing a host of valuable trading resources, which include smart wallets, insurance against cyber attacks, and voting rights that put investors in control.

CGCX is still in the process of developing its platform, meaning investors cannot yet take advantage of all these features. But the company did not want to leave them in the dark until development was finished, which is why it released a beta version of the platform. Investors who signed up for the beta platform can create their own accounts and get used to CGCX’s many applications, allowing them to make full use of the main platform as soon as it becomes available.

CGCX is currently wrapping up the first stage of its public sale, which began on June 1st and followed a private presale from May 1st to the 25th; it will begin the second stage of its public sale on July 5th. Already, the platform has achieved considerable success. CGCX raised USD $20 million; the first $5 million came just 9 days into the presale. It has also attracted a multitude of participants, trading an average volume of $2 million per day. If these trends continue, CGCX is on track to have a massive and lasting impact on blockchain trading all over the globe.

Company name: Calfin Global Crypto Exchange

Company site: https://cgcx.io

Company contact: contact@cgcx.io

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