London Blockchain Week – Bigger and Better In 2019!

London Blockchain Week - Bigger and Better In 2019!

For the 5th Annual London Blockchain Week in partnership with MIND SHIFTING we are delivering the biggest Hackathon experience to date. In what is the first in a series of 8 global hackathons 500 participants will advance blockchain and frontier technologies and compete for a USD$5000 Prize.

Get in touch at or if you would like to shift some minds and sponsor or support the event. Separate Registration for the Hackathon Event 1 for Series 2019 is required. Register below so you don’t miss out!


The first worldwide hackathon series with a collective action agenda to deliver measurable mind shifting blockchain and frontier technology solutions for business, workforce, parity, education, population ageing and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 



Teams must have at least 1 woman. Two or more women per team will attain bonus points. Teams are encouraged to remain customer focused and to actively engage with businesses, workforce and ageing consumers to deliver on their expectations to attract bonus points. The solution must include blockchain and deliver measurable quality improvement to all five challenge areas and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 3,4,5, 8 and 10.5, 8 and 10.


Teams will form at the kick off event on Friday, February 8th at Cocoon Networks in Moorgate. Each team needs at least one developer and 1 woman. Two or more women receive bonus points. Coding isn’t the only skill you need to win. On Saturday morning, teams will regroup and begin working on their mind shifting project. You have until 11pm at the venue (This is not an overnight event). On Sunday morning we regroup again at Cocoon and polish up the concepts, prototypes and begin preparing presentations. At 1pm, judging and presentations commence and winners are announced shortly after all teams have presented around 5pm.

Event Partnres:


Winners will be given the official scorecard and Hackathon Rules in advance to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The winning team of this Hackathon will receive a cash prize of USD$5000 and present their concept to the full audience at the London Blockchain Week Conference and at the Grand Final at the Global Parity & Connection Summit, in New York 19 September 2019 for the opportunity to win a further USD$40,000. Previous teams have gone on to pilot their projects with sponsors.

The winning team will be judged on concept originality,feasibility, level of development, addressing the challenge, engagement and appropriate use of blockchain technology. Registrations are limited to participants.

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