LocalCoinSwap: The Most Inclusive And Democratic Cryptocurrency Exchange To Date?

block.news LocalCoinSwap: The Most Inclusive And Democratic Cryptocurrency Exchange To Date?

The LCS Cryptoshare crowdsale, in which 100% of profits are distributed to token holders, offers unprecedented levels of transparency and inclusiveness along with decision-making power. The early interest in their ICO reflects a market grown weary of hype and hyperbole – so investors seeking to get on board will need to move fast.

The crypto space is becoming as riddled with jargon as any other sector these days, and things move fast. If “ICO” was 2017’s unofficial Crypto Word of the Year, then “decentralization” certainly looks like being a contender for 2018.

But just because a word is sprinkled liberally over every whitepaper crossing your desk in recent weeks, it doesn’t mean it has a consistent and universally-understood meaning. In a literal sense, pretty much every blockchain application is decentralized to some extent by its distributed nature. But at LocalCoinSwap they go a bit further, in the way they walk the talk:

“Our business model is peer to peer in its truest sense”, explains Daniel Worsley, LocalCoinSwaps COO.  “The LocalCoinSwap marketplace exists to serve direct exchanges between users, with our facilitation to provide the escrow and communications services to enable this. It’s the users who are the true stakeholders, indeed the owners of the exchange”.

Owners? You read that correctly. LocalCoinSwap’s token, the LCS Cryptoshare, is a genuine stake in the platform itself.  This provides two unusual benefits to the investors:

“Firstly, all Cryptoshare holders will receive quarterly dividends across a basket of top currencies, as well as airdrops of ICO tokens as we add them to the platform, building a passive income for all investors”, he continues. “This gives the token immediate intrinsic utility, and makes it a highly desirable long-term hold. Unlike a traditional financial enterprise, the ownership and dividend structure of LocalCoinSwap is hosted entirely on the blockchain – providing a publicly auditable and unforgeable ledger of the company’s financial performance and control.

“But that’s not all. As well as conferring dividend payments in line with the success and expansion of the exchange itself, LCS Cryptoshares function as full voting shares within the enterprise.

“Our roadmap initially scheduled the first shareholder vote for July 2018, but just as in the presale we exceeded our timetable there. Because of the dramatic volatility in Ethereum price during March, we took a proposition to the shareholders, who voted overwhelmingly to peg the price of the token in terms of the US dollar instead of ETH.  The speed of the vote, and the enthusiastic turnout and engagement with it, stands as a valuable test of our governance model.

“Having been working with our community via social media for months, it wasn’t a huge surprise, the way everyone jumped in with both feet and got involved. But it was a great vindication of our decision to completely democratize the ownership of the exchange, and showed how willing people are to get involved when an important decision is at stake”.

So it does appear that there’s a genuine hunger for this refreshingly-different approach to creating and managing a cryptocurrency exchange. With a total maximum supply of 100,000,000 LCS Cryptoshares and 21 000 000 already sold in the first few days, it is far from unlikely that it will close early.

“We are already reinvesting the funds raised in the presale to expand the development team and add additional backend functionality to the wallet, which will launch a minimum of 17 cryptocurrencies fully operational – we’re looking to add even more.  This has been made possible through the input of our new technical advisor George Kiminios – CEO of Coinomi Wallet. These wallet systems will be the same wallet systems we use on the exchange, so every currency you can invest with now will also be tradable on the LocalCoinSwap platform”

If this combination of inclusiveness, professionalism, transparency, and potential intrigues you, then you can check out at site. Also, don’t forget to join the conversation on their lively social media channels.



Company name: LocalCoinSwap

Company site: https://www.localcoinswap.com/?utm_source=CoinTelegraph

Company email: team@localcoinswap.com

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