Livetree ADEPT ICO To Announce A $10 Million Dollar Partnership In Blockchain Summit London Livetree ADEPT ICO To Announce A $10 Million Dollar Partnership In Blockchain Summit London

09-03-2018 London: UK-based Livetree ADEPT will be making a big announcement in Blockchain Summit London around their 10 million dollar ICO partnership making it the first global entertainment platform on blockchain to achieve this feat.

Livetree is one of its kind in the field of blockchain domain working towards democratizing the process of filmmaking and distribution.

Ashley Turing, spearheading the project said that “We are delighted with the progress made so far. We shall continue to steer in the direction of our vision of making entertainment democratic and creativity driven. After working in the entertainment industry closely for over two years, we realised the challenges faced by independent content curators and further on in distribution. We are here to solve those problems and approach creative content with a fresh perspective. ”

In just two years, the company has captured 5% of the UK crowdfunding market in the film and content category playing a pivotal role in helping independent content curators and empowering end consumers. Livetree ADEPT “Advanced Decentralised Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution” is trying to solve more significant industry challenges from the likes of creative projects funding, creation, and distribution. Content gatekeeping, complicated terms of contracts, time-consuming negotiations, and massive cuts to intermediaries are some of the other challenges that ADEPT endeavors to solve. Livetree will help original content curators to establish peer-to-peer connections, raise funding for their projects and develop content within a market-driven structured fashion.

With blockchain onto the system, LiveTree envisions to bridge the technological gap that the $500bn industry faces. The initiative will remove multiple roadblocks that the current opaque, time-inefficient and profit-oriented market space enforces.

With a number of partnerships, LiveTree has collaborated with British Film Institute Future Film which is the leading film organization that promotes and preserves film-making and television. Additionally, Screen Arts Institute Incubator that supports, trains and mentors UK film, TV and content-makers. Also in line are names like Red Rock Entertainment, elstree studios-based executive producers and Bohra Bros (The production house behind ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’) from India.

With the integration of blockchain, the entertainment industry can be made more democratic, decentralized and cost-effective. If you want to be a part of this revolution and make a difference, do check the ongoing ICO sale here.

About LiveTree

LiveTree is revolutionizing the entertainment industry with the world’s first blockchain-powered, end-to-end production and distribution platform for TV and film. Established two years ago with a mission to give control back to content creators, LiveTree has captured over 5% of the UK market share in entertainment crowdfunding.



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