LH-Crypto Launches Token Buyback Before Wrapping Its ICO

block.news LH-Crypto Launches Token Buyback Before Wrapping Its ICO

19 January marks the end of the LH-Crypto project Roadshow in Europe. Over the five days Alexandr Smirnov and Antonis Lapos from the first cryptobroker team have personally met with big investors supporting the LH-Crypto project. As part of the roadshow the team visited Milan, Lugano, Zurich, Geneva and Monaco. The Roadshow paved the way for the grand finale at the iFIXExpo convention.

On the last day of the roadshow in Monaco the LH-Crypto team made a sensational statement – the company plans to buy back 10% of the LHC token emission at a double price, thus giving the investors an opportunity to receive a 100% profit now. This is to be completed before the end of the ICO.

This concerns the tokens bought by clients of Larson&Holz, the parent company of LH-Crypto, these traders supported the project before anyone else, buying LHC tokens for more than 1.42 million USD total! That allowed the broker’s clients to double their investment – at the time of purchase each token was priced at $0.1 while today it’s risen to $0.2025 and rising. It were Larson&Holz clients who decided to come forth with a suggestion for the company to buy back every second token from the ones sold during the PreICO, ahead of LHCoin entering exchanges, and the company agreed to buy back the tokens at a higher price, thus demonstrating its full commitment and confidence in the project’s success.

“I would like to point out that this buyback only covers the tokens sold to Larson&Holz clients. The rest of the crowdsale campaign participants can sell their tokens as the standard procedure prescribes, on cryptocurrency exchanges as soon as in February. Either way, early buybacks are rare events, and we are sure it will positively affect the reputation of the LH-Crypto project” said the company representative.

By 21 January half of the tokens purchased by active Larson&Holz clients during the PreICO will be taken from their dashboards and converted into US dollars that are then deposited into their trading account balances. Then investors are free to choose what to do with that money: either trade on the exchange, or withdraw without any limitations.

“That means LH-Crypto buys back 7 100 000 tokens, roughly 10% of the total emission. If our ICO investors continue to demonstrate interest in LHCoin and the remaining tokens will be sold out, the company will gladly put the bought back tokens out on the market for new investors to buy. Everyone can join the LH-Crypto project, even during the last days of the crowdfunding campaign.”

“If not all of the remaining tokens are sold out, Larson&Holz will destroy the bought back ones until the very last one, reducing the total supply by 10%. From the law of supply and demand this will lead to appreciation of the LHCoin token.”

The LH-Crypto ICO was launched October 30, 2017 has been showing impressive results ever since and has raised over 8 million US dollars to date. Investors from all over the world have expressed their keen interest in Larson&Holz and its plans to create the world’s first ever fully functional crypto broker – a separate department where 100% of transactions, deposits and withdrawals are done in cryptocurrencies. The cryptobroker will allow its clients to trade forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies through, on top of other things, margin trading. Meaning that the main product LH-Crypto offers is the access to internet trading for retail clients who use credit leveraging.

Token sale will continue until the end of January, and judging from the current tempo the company will see enough investments to cross the Hard cap and raise over $10 000 000.

Company name: Larson & Holz

Company site: Lh-crypto.io

Company contacts:


6/F Yen Sheng Centre

64 Hoi Yuen Road

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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