Level 01 Collaborates With Thomson Reuters to Introduce Blockchain-based Derivatives Exchange

Level 01 Collaborates With Thomson Reuters to Introduce Blockchain-based Derivatives Exchange

Thomson Reuters selected as independent data source for Level 01’s artificial intelligence algorithms for asset and real-time contract pricing.

Hong Kong – Level 01 Technologies is poised to launch the Level01 Derivatives Exchange, a platform envisioned to be the ultimate fair and transparent environment for the trading of derivative contracts.

The platform is powered by blockchain technology, with a system of smart contracts that serve as an unbiased, automated and trusted intermediary for trade and transaction settlements. This bypasses the reliance on brokerage platforms with human fallibility that could possibly lead to irresponsibility, collusion and even fraud.

The platform utilizes Thomson Reuters data feeds as a trusted source for its AI deep learning algorithms to provide real-time pricing analytics on derivative contracts; the data is also used to ensure transparent, timely and accurate settlement of derivative contracts upon contract maturity.

“Thomson Reuters is a respected industry leader in providing intelligent information and data, with trust principles aligned with our vision. Our collaboration with Thomson Reuters ensures we have the necessary quality data for Level 01 algorithms to perform in the most efficient manner,” says Level 01 CEO Jonathan Loi.

Level01’s deep learning algorithms assist fair pricing and efficiently match peer-to-peer counterparties looking to trade similar contracts propositions, increasing overall liquidity on the platform. Platform users will be provided with pricing suggestions based on similar instruments and risks traded in the global interbank markets and exchanges, while maintaining flexibility to trade away from these prices.

Level 01 plans to launch the public beta version of the platform following its tokensale which starts in July 2018.

About Level 01

Level 01 is a company dedicated to the application of AI deep learning and data analytics in the blockchain sector. The company’s flagship derivatives exchange platform leverages these technologies for the benefit of its platform users.

Level 01’s multi-disciplinary team has deep experience across software and application development, quantitative data analysis, machine and deep learning, trading platforms, exchange operations, and blockchain technology.

For more information on Level 01, visit the website.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of news and information for professional markets. Our customers rely on us to deliver the intelligence, technology and expertise they need to find trusted answers. The business has operated in more than 100 countries for more than 100 years. Thomson Reuters shares are listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. For more information, visit a website.

Company name: Level 01 Technologies

Company site: https://level01.io

Company contacts: contact@level01.io

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