Let There Be Sex! Road Map of VR Technology Company (OKOIN Project) for March 2018

block.news Road Map of VR Technology Company

Let there be sex! Not some sex. Sophisticated. Technological. Just think, new technologies emerges every day opening up new horizons of sexual experience for men and women. Everything you could not have been experienced in reality before for some reasons (prejudices, ethical norms, embarrassment, guilt, and social stigma) is now available in the virtual environment. Whereas emotions and sensations are as close as possible to the real ones.

The VR OKO platform is one of such technologies. It includes a virtual reality helmet and an infrastructure for the distribution of digital content. Putting on the VR OKO helmet, the viewer is immersed in a spherical video with a viewing angle of 180 degrees. This is the game-changing principle of viewing erotic films, which will be appreciated by those who are bored with traditional videos.

Next generation video: VR + full interactivity

But that’s not all. Imagine that actors and actresses from the screen appear right in your room. And even more: you get at your disposal a porno-constructor, with the help of which you create a storyline you want. You choose the actors, the stage, the content. All of these will be in the format of the virtual reality.

Creation of such a constructor is a key goal of the VR Technology team. And from March 2018 its story begins. As the project is large and serious, and the main source of financing are funds of the shareholders of the company and crowdfunding through the ICO, the company will report on the results of the work every 10 days. Plus, we will set clear tasks for the next 10-15 days.

This will allow VR Technology remain as open as possible with transparent business processes. Any feedback from the community is welcome. Especially if it is constructive criticism. Only that way you can make a truly valuable and highly demanded product.

OKO Pay – payment system for 100% anonymous settlements

There have always been difficulties with settlements in the “18+” industry. And at different levels: starting from government regulation ending with processing of payments. Moreover, there was no concept of anonymity as such that strongly limited the consumer empowerment.

That is why VR Technology has started developing a payment system. OKO Pay is a decentralized payment system based on smart contracts in the Ethereum infrastructure. It uses OKOIN tokens as a means of payment and settlement. OKO Pay is an integral part of the OKO platform and is designed to address issues of anonymity of payments and the speed of mutual settlements. Major work on the system is scheduled to the second quarter of 2018.

Fast. Simple. Anonymous.

Users who previously could not openly purchase adult content because of the risk of being compromised now face no restrictions using the system OKO Pay. In addition, another advantage of a decentralized blockachain-based payment system is the absolute transparency of operations.

The next step in the evolution of the payment system OKO Pay is the consistent takeover of segments of the adult market and their linking to a single settlement instrument. Ultimately, this is convenient: for both consumers and suppliers of goods and services for adults.


At the same time, OKO Pay is designed to solve another serious problem that face paid subscribers on adult sites. This is an automatic renewal of the subscription to access to content and a regular money withdrawal from a bank card without prior notice, and as often happens, the user’s consent. In the OKO Pay this is impossible. Each time the user makes a decision about certain payments, and the funds always remain exclusively under his or her control.

Complete independence from banks!

The main feature of the payment system based on the blockchain is the complete elimination of the hold of money in banks, and, as a consequence, transactions delays. This is particularly true, because more than a third of transactions in the “18+” sphere are filtered out as “suspicious” and frozen up to several days for verification. So, obviously, this cause inconvenience to both buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, unlike traditional banking systems of receiving and processing of payments, OKO Pay is much easier to connect and use. At the same time, the system stands in one row with Ethereum and Bitcoin in terms of the level of security. Tokens, thanks to two rounds of ICO, are liquid and are of an independent value, and the use of the blockchain technology guarantees 100% reliability and anonymity. The more content studios produce, the more active paying audience gets the system. The higher the audience coverage, the higher the price and stability of the token. The higher the stability of the token more studios show interest to it. We have come full circle.

Alpha testing of the platform

Alpha testing (technical launch) of the platform allows to debug the basic functionality and protect it from errors and failures. So, during the testing, developers will debug the work in the following aspects:

• The efficiency of the OKO Pay system
• Stability of the library synchronization with the platform infrastructure
• Correctness of work with different types of devices
• Checking security systems and countering DDoS attacks
• Scaling the system in case of increased load
• … and many others

The planned period of the alpha testing is the second decade of March 2018.

Closed Beta testing

The difference from alpha testing is that real users and trusted service providers are involved in beta testing for more detailed testing of the platform performance. In other words, these are the final preparations, followed by a full-fledged launch of the platform for everyone.

Beta testing starts in late March, and the final release of the platform will be held on April 25 as part of the closed party OKO Star. In March 2018 all preparations will be done. Already now, VR Technology is negotiating with leading erotic theaters and show in the world. By the way, invitations to the party will be raffled among the buyers of OKOIN.

” We paid special attention to the possibility of integrating the platform with the most popular adult-ecosystems. After successful beta testing, we plan to start integrating the VR-WebCam service using the latest LucidCam cameras.

In addition, we continue to expand the staff of technical specialists who will work on developing and programming of interfaces, configuring the server part, developing a payment gateway, setting up a server for processing payments, and preparation of the initial technical documentation for partners of the platform.

Renat Bachmut, Technical Director VR Technology

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