Jury.Online is Proud to Announce 5 New Projects Listed on Our Platform

Jury.Online is Proud to Announce 5 New Projects Listed on Our Platform

Jury.Online — the fully functional decentralized escrow platform — has officially started operating 3rd September, 2018 and is available on panel.jury.online.

Jury.Online is a service for trustworthy ICO projects, ensuring confidential and safe cooperation between investors and ICOs. The platform offers a secure way of investments based on the completion of the roadmap milestones and third-party mediation in case the dispute occurs.

The Jury.Online platform’s feature set is divided into 3 main parts: for Projects, for Investors and for Mediators.

As a Project, you may create your own project, add members to your team, create rounds for receiving investments, build Roadmap (either linear or agile).

As an Investor, you may enter the platform, search for detailed information regarding the projects and invest money in them with the MetaMask. All investments are secured.

As a Mediator, you may take part in different projects and make decisions about the future projects’ development.

The latest update of the Jury.Online includes the change in smart contract architecture. Now a user may transfer investments to the Cycle smart contract by clicking the button “Send offer”. After the “MetaMask” pop-up with investor’s ETH wallet appears. Online form contains information regarding the exchange rate from ETH to USD and vice versa. Moreover, it includes data about the amount of Jury.Online tokens which users will get. Due to the Agile Roadmap new feature, Projects now have an opportunity to divide their roadmap into “sealed” cycles (or cycles that do not provide the opportunity of making changes). Thus, the new structure allows Projects to make changes in their previously approved Roadmap by adding new cycles with necessary sprints which brings benefits of agile approach to the development. Besides, the Jury.Online platform’s system includes a proxy token, which is necessary to limit the over-emission of the project’s token. Thus, after the project token release, the proxy token will be exchanged using the Swapper smart contract.

We also have been listed on site, where we can work directly with the community of the most creative and passionate persons. In a couple of weeks we are ready to introduce the new design of our website and mobile version to make it easy to invest from any smartphone and a number of new features including services for ICO and marketplace.

Here are 5 amazing trustworthy projects you can start investing to right now:






For more details please contact us at contact@jury.online

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