Jubiter – Best Place to Buy Cryptocurrency

Jubiter - Best Place to Buy Cryptocurrency

In early 2018 Jubiter opened operations. Their launch was preceded by a full year of development by brazen Bitcoin geeks who are well versed in the world of blockchain. Jubiter’s mission is to use the development skills and resourcefulness, which have been garnered over the years, and utilize it to enhance the convenience and usability of present asset exchanges.

They are dedicated to ensuring that cryptocurrency becomes more accessible to an increased number of people.  As a result of their utmost confidence in its prospects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency they have heavily invested in the blockchain revolution in the world’s commerce.

It would interest you to note that they are at the forefront of the industry and a favourite among cryptocurrency exchanges for buying, selling, storing and exchanging Bitcoins and altcoins.


Jubiter runs a crypto to crypto exchange, alongside a safe offline and online wallet, a Bitcoin withdrawal debit card which ensures that goods and services are bought fast and effortlessly with Bitcoin. They are committed to making a significant input in the ongoing blockchain reformation.

Customer support and working hours

Jubiter has a support system for all customers easily reached by email: support@Jubiter.com. Also, for business inquiries, you can contact business@jubiter.com, and be sure to get a prompt response.

They have three hotlines which customers can dial for inquiries: +1 855 979-6669 (United States), +44 8000 488-449 (United Kingdom) and +372 880 41-79 (Estonia). These lines are available from Monday through Saturday between the hours of 8am to Midnight EST.

Social accounts

Jubiter has a Facebook page which can be accessed via the website. Once you are on the page, and you click the like button, you will be regularly updated with information with updates to the platform.

Best security

When it comes to security, keeping the funds and information of customers is Jubiter’s most primary assignment. Hence, an outstanding security technology system which has a login guard, two-factor authentication, cold storage and the utmost data encryption models in place.

In addition to this, customers are safeguarded by a total package of legal compliance, which covers all exchanges and transactions through strong AML and KYL policies, FinCen registration, and PCI DSS certification.

Our licenses

Jubiter’s website is maintained by a top-notch technology; Jubiter technologies, which is overseen by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Estonia, and also certified to exchange virtual currency for FIAT currency.

There are two virtual currency wallet service license numbers: FVR000189 and FRK000158. Their registered address is Harju Maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Roosikrantsi tn 2-K432, 10119, Estonia.

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