IQeon Pre-ICO Went Down Like a Bomb, Here Are the Reasons Why IQeon Pre-ICO Went Down Like a Bomb, Here Are the Reasons Why

IQeon is a gaming ecosystem enabling PvP bets on the results of the games presented on the platform and the games outside the platform. Moreover, this is one of the very few resources existing in the gaming world that allows users monetize their gaming achievements.

The IQeon team announced the additional presale of tokens due to the massive interest in the project from the side of investors. A noteworthy detail is that the official pre-ICO was closed ahead of time because of the active sale. The second round of IQN presale starts on January 8th and lasts until January 15th, 2018. The payments are accepted in ETH and BTC. The minimum transaction amount is 1 ETH and it stands for 550 IQN. Note, that the token emission is limited, 800.000 only!

The reasons why IQeon is so successful and is considered to be a very promising startup are the following:

  1. By the time IQeon team entered their first pre-ICO, which took place in December 2017, they were ready to show the world the working product. No boasting but not many startups could afford such a high level of preparation.
  2. The gaming ecosystem is based on Ethereum Blockchain, which lets the developers introduce cryptowallets and provide the easiest way to monetize the results and achievements users get in any game.
  3. Software specialists who created IQeon gaming platform made everything possible to facilitate the gaming development worldwide. The platform provides open API and SDK and invites other game developers for cooperation. Additional welcoming benefits are small commission fee for the developing company to monetize their games integrated into the platform. Also, they receive small revenue from every bet made by the participants on the results of games.
  4. The price for IQN, the IQeon token, is expected to grow together with the increasing number of users and game developers placing their products on the platform. The Blockchain technology provides the complete anonymity for IQN holders and protects the cryptocurrency against theft, fraud and other types of forgery. The IQeon cryptowallet will also act as the exchanging means to let users trade IQN for other cryptocurrencies and even fiat it.

And finally, the most important reason why the IQeon project soared so high is the skillful managers who have successfully nourished multiple projects.

IQeon Senior Figures and Advisors

The CEO of IQeon project is Vadim Dovguchits who managed to draw over $ 2 mln investments to this startup. CSO of IQeon is Igor Podlesny. He has more than 18 years of experience in nourishing fintech solutions, launching startups and promoting IT services. Alexandr Paramonov is the CLO of the project, working more than 10 years in the sphere of online-gambling, startup, and Blockchain-projects legal rights. The position of the financial consultant of IQeon is occupied by Alexandr Samoilo. Alexandr is also the financial director of ABA Marketing institutional investment company. IQeon team has a strong advising team. A world-known business consultant and mining expert, Richard Dilendorf and the experience financial consultant Genadijs Dola are among them.

Company name: IQeon

Company site:

Company cotacts: Tartu mnt 83-205, Tallinn, Estonia, Harju maakond, 10115


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